Slice of my life, 17/8/2012

Yeah, it’s taking some effort to write this.

Once in a while these “life” posts show up on the blog. In a half-lucid state of mind I’ll be writing these posts that show up every once in a while. Heheheh.

Alright, what now?

That’s what I find myself asking these few days. I’m not exactly free these days, but yet I get this feeling that I’m too free. Basically I end up doing nothing, productivity hits zero.

To illustrate this point, I’ll count the number of anime episodes I’ve watched this week:

Accel World 15
Binbougami ga! 04 and 05
Campione! 04
Hyouka 16 and 17
Sword Art Online 04, 05 and 06
Tari Tari 06
Yuru Yuri 03

11 episodes this week. Disappointing. Given that I’m following close to 20 animes this season, this means that I’m not watching enough to even cover the anime I’m watching each week.

Bleahhhhhhhhhh I’m unmotivated.

Now for some updates.

I’ll probably finish half of my backlog (that’s about 20 episodes, mind you) through the 4-day break, and then make my Campione! and Dog Days posts. Oh, and then there’s the Anime Blog Interrogation game that I got tagged for. Huh, okay.

Meh, I’m so tired.

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