Campione! – 05

Uwah, Erica’s one heck of a scary woman.

Mariya doesn’t fare any worse. .___________.

The heroes get a break after the fight with Athena, Erica’s back to being lewd with Godou (okay, maybe “back” wasn’t such a good word to use; she never actually stopped doing that), Mariya now joins the harem, and they even enjoy a baseball game where Godou gets his crotch and head hit by the ball and bat respectively. Way to go, bro.

Okay, not really.

An old Campione gets Liliana to abduct Mariya so he can use her or something. Cool blue eyes. He might really be some perverted old pedophile.

Who am I kidding, this isn’t Nyaruko.

Yeah okay, so that’s the gist of the episode. More work for Godou, yay~

Also, apparently Godou has a rival. Huh, we never saw them fight, did we?

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