Dog Days’ – 06

That’s a lesson for all you perverts out there.

(Hey, don’t look at me.)

So in this episode, Shinku and Couvre breaks the seal off the Demon King and summons him. Well done.

Luckily for them, the demon king doesn’t look to be any impressive at all and is just the typical perverts you see in almost every show. Well, he can suck energy, but he still gets owned anyway.

Yes, I’m pretty sure he’ll regret this.

Also, the “King of Heroes” from Pastillage happens to be a gun-wielding (and gigantic mace-wielding) girl. I guess “King” is used in a literal sense to refer to a ruler, then.

And hey she’s voiced by KitaEri! :D :D :D

After she beats the crap outta the demon king (whom she has a love-hate relationship with), she tries to go back to her slumber but it fails. Lol.

Oh well, we get more KitaEri. That’s not so bad.

I was kinda hoping for something like the demon king being some villain in the show (and thus providing an actual villain like last season), but he turned out to be a joke. Oh well. D:

At least we have more romance in the series. ._.

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