Campione! – 12

I’ll break that illusion of yours!

Huh, somehow that phrase came into my mind w.

Not really sure what happened in this episode. Godou met Susanoo, Ena let Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi’s soul possess her, Erica got beaten up really badly, Godou awakened some new powers and then…

Began transferring that power to Erica for two minutes. Go figure.

Mmhm, after that Ama no Murakumo appears in the form of a golem, gets beaten up badly by Erica and then…

Gets sucked by Metis. Remember Athena’s mom? Yeah, that’s her.

Wow, she looks exactly like Athena (except more cranky). But hey she’s voiced by Kaori Ishihara~

I…still don’t know who the villain of the final arc really is, to be honest.

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