Campione! – 13

It’s the last episode, and you still manage to add one more to your heroine? Goddammit, Godou!

Summary of what happens in this episode: Each of the four girls (Ena, Erica, Lilliana and Mariya) take turns kissing Godou and he uses the knowledge imparted to activate his golden field of swords thingy, where the swords attack Metis four times (one time per kiss). His golden sword must be powered by testosterone, lolol.

Okay, so Metis’ defeated, Athena disappears once again and Godou’s back to a lifestyle where he’s surrounded by four five girls (four mistresses and one angry sister). Tada, we’ve just wrapped up Campione!.

Ending wasn’t particularly impactful, but it’s not as if I’ll rewatch Campione!, so I’ll leave it at that.

In the meantime, I wanna watch OniiAi! ;A;

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