AFA 2012

It’s that time of the year again!

Yes, I know I’m one week late on this post, but I was quite busy recently. Was catching up on anime. ^^

This year’s post’ll be a little different from last year’s. Since I was working at the Nico Nico Douga (NND) booth, I didn’t really get to go and camp for many events, so I don’t have much to write about. Instead of splitting the post into Day 1 and Day 2, I’ll be splitting it into the various events that occurred.

Don’t expect many photos either, I didn’t take that much. In fact, the bulk of the photos were taken by my friends.

Madoka Magica movie(s)

So yeah, first up, we have the two Madoka movies that aired at 9.30 am on both days.

I thought the first one was pretty boring (please don’t shoot me). Seeing Mami’s head getting chomped off by Charlotte didn’t seem very impactful anymore, and because I knew that would happen to Mami, I spent the few scenes before her death thinking, “LOL retard” ww. Things got a bit more interesting at the end, with the turning of Sayaka into a witch. Again, knowing that that’d happen to her made the whole event less impactful, and also it kinda felt like Sayaka brought the whole thing on herself w.

The second one was way more interesting. Though I knew what was going to happen in the end (again), the scene where Madoka became a god was just so epic that I didn’t really care. Reminded me of how amazing a series Madoka Magica was. There was the trailer of the third movie after the credits of the second movie ended, but there were no subs. Wasn’t really a problem for me though, since I could always listen. Problem being, there were people cheering during the trailer when Kyouko in her school uniform appeared (was that really worth cheering for?), so I couldn’t hear the trailer properly. Oh well, I suppose I can always find the trailer online…

But man, I swear part of the movie was ruined by animefags. Dammit.

Working at the Nico Nico Douga booth

This year was a very memorable year for me when it comes to AFA, and working at the NND booth was one of the reasons why. Claire messaged me about two days before AFA asking if I wanted to be emcee for the NND booth and I was like, “Whaaaaaaat?”. Really couldn’t believe my ears lol. Apparently she asked me to go only because her other two candidates were busy. It kinda makes me sad but still, it was a great chance.

It was kinda nerve-wrecking, really. The first time I stepped on the “stage” to emcee, I was really nervous so I performed really badly. That was also coupled with the fact that I slept for only 4 hours the night before (was too excited ww), so being mentally tired I couldn’t perform very well in emceeing. Saw a few comments saying that my emceeing was bad, and while it made me feel a bit depressed, it was honest feedback nevertheless.

So yeah, I spent most of the first day at work scouting, as you can see from the photo below. That’s me trying to get two cosplayers to appear on the broadcast.

Yeah, I look underdressed, I know.

The second day was slightly better, got a full 6 (or 7, can’t remember) hours of sleep, and also rehearsed a few lines here and there. I thought I performed pretty good on the second day, but I suppose I couldn’t hold a candle to the three other emcees. Can’t be helped, my Japanese isn’t really that good, haha.

Got a new nickname during these two days too! Apparently someone gave me the nickname of “Kirin”. I think he/she probably took the “ki” from my name and added a “rin” to the back (it’s a “kii” more than a “ki” though, but I don’t think it was obvious). It sounds kinda girly www

So yeah. Although I can’t say I did very well in emceeing, it was a valuable experience for me. I learnt how inadequate my Japanese proficiency was, gonna have to work on that during these holidays. Hopefully they’ll ask Claire to ask me to emcee again next year. Chances aren’t very high, but I can only hope.

Also, it seemed like no one remembered me wwww

Walking around the booths

While scouting for cosplayers for the NND booth and during my break times, I walked around the AFA grounds. It’s much bigger this year and so there were many more experience zones.

This was a poster of May’n, along with her autograph below, at the HoriPro booth. Too bad I didn’t get to catch the HoriPro event on the first day.

And this one here’s Kishio Daisuke’s autograph. Didn’t catch him either. Alas, I would’ve liked to.

A photo of Ultimate Madoka! It looks so beautifully sculpted that I’d like to bring it home. Sadly, I don’t have any money ww

This one’s a photo of the Black Lotus figure. Another beautiful figure.

Dion and Pin went to the Moe Moe Kyun maid cafe and got ripped off. Here’s a picture of the cake. Looks delicious right? Those looks cost quite a lot.

But well, it’s all for the experience.

And here’s a picture of the blackboard at the cafe. I remember seeing this two years ago too ww

This was taken at the SAO booth. There were many people at the booth on the first day, it was kinda scary ww

Replicas of Kirito’s sword and Asuna’s rapier!

And these here are nendos of Asuna and Kirito. The Kirito one looks a bit strange for some reason, lol.

Ah, I remember these five figures. Seen them last year at AFA11. Still, here they are again.

Rows and rows of beach queen figures! I wanna take them home so bad. ;_;

An itasha at Danny Choo’s Culture Japan booth! Not really surprising to see one anymore w

This here is a photo of a Kuroyukihime cosplayer. Lovely~

Like I said, I didn’t take many photos this time round. :<

Stage events

Didn’t really go for many stage events today. In fact, I think I completely skipped the first day’s events.

The second day events were really amazing though. I thought the Bushiroad event would be pretty boring, but surprisingly Aimi Terakawa appeared for the event. She’s so cute!

Aimi performed some songs from Cardfight! Vanguard. Even better, she performed “Live for life ~Okami-tachi no Yoru~” (that’s the Ben-to OP) and also “Link” (the OP for Oda Nobuna no Yabou)! It was so amazing, there was a big crowd gathering in front cheering! Didn’t have any glowsticks with me but I cheered anyway. ^_^

The trailer for Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko was also played! I think I heard Yui Ogura in there! :D

After the Bushiroad event ended, people suddenly started gathering in front of the barricades. Was wondering what was going until I realized that sphere was coming on next!

Managed to get myself a good spot, wasn’t in the front row but second row was good enough. ^_^

Sea*A, sphere, May’n and Minami Kuribayashi appeared for the next event! Got to see the four members of sphere in person, I was so happy! Was so close to them as well. :D

Sadly, no phototaking was allowed, so no photos from now on.

After that was the sphere Q&A and live-dubbing event! So excited! It was a shame my question to them didn’t get picked though, ahaha.

Sphere dubbed two scenes from Natsuiro Kiseki! Seeing them live-dub from such close proximity was really refreshing. They’re really good!

There were so many people in front for the sphere event! Looks like there’re quite a lot of sphere fans in Singapore! A considerable number of fans seemed to have flown from Japan to Singapore just for sphere! So hardcore ww

Had to return to the NND booth after the sphere event, had to miss Danny Choo’s event but no choice! Felt immensely pleased that I had the chance to see sphere in person though! AKI-CHANNNNNNNNN.


This year’s concert tickets certainly weren’t cheap, but I suppose they were worth every cent I paid them for.

Didn’t know all of the artistes there, but the first day’s concert was amazing! BABYMETAL’s songs were a little bit too loud for my liking though. m.o.v.e’s songs were rather old school, but motsu’s really good at riling up the crowd! He’s quite funny w.

fripSide came on after m.o.v.e! Predicted correctly that they opened with Level5-Judgelight-. They also performed only my railgun, Heaven is a Place on Earth and future gazer, among others! Knew how to sing all those songs. ^_^

Then came LiSA! I guess this was the artiste everyone was waiting for (me included)! It was really lively in the hall, LiSA was really active too! She did oath sigh, crossing field, Ichiban no Takaramono, and some songs from her latest album! Recognized all of them, I was quite proud of myself. :P

By the time LiSA’s turn had ended, it was already close to 12 midnight when it was FLOW’s turn. They only did like, 4 songs, considerably less than the others who had done 5 – 7 songs. Oh well, I guess the time constrains due to technical issues really limited the number of songs they could do. Still, they covered Zankoku na Tenshi no Teeze! They’re an amazing bunch of people! Hope they come back next year!

The second day’s concert wasn’t any less lively than the first day’s. I missed part of Sea*A’s performance due to work at the NND booth, thankfully I didn’t miss sphere. They performed their singles and also covered some songs in English, one of them being “God knows” (from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu). It had a weird feeling to it, since I remembered the lyrics in Japanese w

Then it was Minami Kuribayashi’s turn! She performed many songs (which I couldn’t recognize orz) from various anime. Recognized Straight Jet and Believe, though. Didn’t really jump around much, was saving energy for the next artiste (care to guess who? xD).

NEXT WAS SPHEREEEE! A kind soul offered his spot in front of the barricades for me to see sphere up close, on the condition that I return it to him once May’n came on stage. It was a sweet deal, so I accepted. Thanks to him, I was able to see sphere up close! The part of the stage I was at was closest to Aki-chan! She waved in my direction a few times, I was so happy! Sphere performed Future stream, Now Loading…SKY!, Hazy, MOON SIGNAL, non stop road and HIGH POWERED! Was able to remember lyrics for all these songs, I ain’t a sphere fan for nothing. Also, they covered Moonlight Densetsu from Sailor Moon and Happy Material from Negima! I believe this’ the first time they’re covering anisongs from other artistes, it was breathtaking (not as breathtaking as having Aki-chan wave at me though. xD)!

After sphere’s performance was May’n. By then I ran out of energy after singing and cheering so hard for sphere, so I didn’t jump around much. Anyway, I didn’t really recognize many songs May’n was performing, except for Brain Diver and Chase the world.

It was an amazing two days for me. The concerts were really amazing! If sphere would come back next year… I’d get the VIP tickets again! Pity I didn’t get their autographed poster this time. D:

This AFA has been rather memorable for me. Firstly, I worked at the NND booth as an emcee for the first time in my life. Secondly, I got to meet the members of sphere in person! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I can go die now. =w=

Can’t wait for next year’s AFA! Also, I desperately need to brush up my Japanese.

Pretty tired after writing this post now. Will come up with the late Sakurasou 06 post and Chu2Koi 07 post tomorrow. On an unrelated note, this post has 2013 words. :D

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