Vividred Radio Operation 01: Summary

Vividred Radio Operation

Vividred Radio started a few days ago, thought I might just make a video summary for it since I’m also translating other stuff regarding Vividred. Feeling much hype for Vividred Operation itself, the seiyuu cast’s great! There’s Ayaneru and Mayayan! \o/

It’s my first time doing a summary for a radio program! Hopefully this won’t turn out too bad. ;A;

The radio program starts off with our radio personalities Ayane Sakura and Yuka Ootsubo (henceforth nicknamed Ayaneru and Yukachin respectively) introducing themselves. They have a discussion to decide their nicknames for the radio program. Suggested nicknames were Ayaneru and Neruneru (lol Neruneru) for Ayane, and Yuka-chan and Yukachin for Yuka. They eventually decided on Sacchan and Occhan (Occhan sounds a bit like some old man ww) though.

Introduction of Vividred

Next was the introduction of Vividred!

Basically Vividred Operation’s an anime that’ll air beginning from January 2013 onwards. The director’ll be Kazuhiro Takamura, who directed for Strike Witches as well. The scriptwriter’ll be Hiroyuki Yoshino, who also worked on Mai-HiME and Macross Frontier. The story will be set in a world where things like the Dream Energy machine and Materialization Energy exists. One day, monsters called the “Alone” appear and from then on, the story’s about the actions that Akane (the main character) and her friends take to save the world. This is nothing new, in fact these information’s been released already and anyone who’s followed the Vividred news should know this already.

The two then go on to introduce their characters.

Ayaneru voices Akane Isshiki, the main character of the show. She’s a bright and active 14-year old girl. She utilizes the Vividred System to try save the world. Akane’s a rather straightforward girl, in fact Ayaneru thinks that Akane might be a bit too straightforward, and thus feels a bit uncertain when voicing her. Yukachin comments that Ayaneru’s also straightforward as well, so there’s no problem ww. Yukachin also comments that Akane’s a character who, when you see her, motivates you to do your best, something like a human mirror.

Yukachin voices Wakaba Saegusa, one of Akane’s comrades. Like Akane, she’s also 14-years of age, and happens to be a national-level kendo practitioner. She’s also rather straightforward but has a more serious personality than Akane. Yukachin comments that Wakaba has nice legs, to which Ayaneru comments that all the girls in the show have nice legs as well. The two also comments that the girls in the show have nice butts wwww

Program corner

Next up is a corner which has not been decided yet, and thus Ayaneru and Yukachin draw suggestions from a box to see what they should do during this time. Suggestions include:

  •  A Kouhaku singing competition corner with Yukachin being the sole competitor (that is, she’s both the red and white team) ww
  • A sports festival-like corner with two teams, the Sakura team and Ootsubo team, comprising of Ayaneru and Yukachin in each team. Yes, 2 one-man teams w
  • A corner where the two of them talk about incidents that’ve happened in their houses and exchange gifts. Ayaneru comments that this might be a bit too private.
  • A fishing corner where Yukachin tries to fish a phantom fish (wait, what?!)
  • A food corner where Ayaneru and Yukachin gather ingredients, combine them and uh, eat them.
  • An advice corner where Ayaneru discusses ways to break boundaries such as “the boundary between friend and close friend” (basically, “how close must a friend be to be called a close friend?” sort of thing).
  • A discussion panel of sorts, where questions are posed by listeners every week. Example questions given are “What are the conditions to be a popular girl?” and “What is the strongest thing alive?”.
  • Another food corner, this time it’s a eat-all-you-can corner where a certain type of food is brought to the studio every week. Winner’s the last one standing. The food brought each week is a mystery.
  • A photography corner where Ayaneru and Yukachin will do poses such as “form the words of Vividred using your bodies” (which is kinda impossible) or “Favorite sports gesture”.
  • A fortune-telling corner where Ayaneru’ll predict upcoming events.

Vividred Engine, Power-on!!

This is a challenge corner where Ayaneru and Yukachin are supposed to tackle challenges together. If they fail the challenges, Vividred points will be added, which supposedly result in something bad.

This week’s challenge is to liven things up.

So yes, cue random shouting for 5 minutes wwwwww. There were three mail to be read but I couldn’t really figure out the contents because they were shouting random things so yes, random shouting for 5 minutes. Hearing the two shout random things was rather entertaining, though (especially Ayaneru w).

They failed in the end, though. So they’ve got Vividred points added to their record. Not sure what’ll happen to them, though.

Vividred Information corner

Moving on, a corner where information about Vividred Operation is announced.

Some airing information:
2530 hours every Thursday from January 10 at MBS
2555 hours every Friday from January 11 at TBS
2705 hours every Friday from January 11 at CBC
2400 hours every Saturday from January 12 at BS-TBS (first episode will be aired at 2430 hours)

CM with the opening will be played on these TV channels from December 6.

Some pre-air event will be shown on Niconico Douga on December 14.

Again, these information are generally not new to anyone who’s been following the Vividred news, so yeah. The news about the NND event on December 14 might be a new one, though. For those who don’t know, there’s going to be a pre-air event on the December 14, from 2050 hours JST (GMT +9) to 2100 hours JST, featuring Ayane Sakura, Rie Murakawa, Yuka Ootsubo, Aya Uchida and Maaya Uchida (the seiyuu who voices the five main characters). More information on the stream can be found here.

So that’s it for the first episode of Vividred Radio! My listening kinda sucks, so I think some of the content within this post might be wrong (especially the part about the program corner). Still, I think it’s at least 70% correct for a summary (I hope, lol).

Hopefully my listening skills improve and I’ll be more sure of next week’s radio program. Can’t wait to hear more Ayaneru! On a side note though, I’ll probably be late on all posts for the next two weeks since I’ll be off to Japan (Japan yay!).

Once again, hopefully this summary didn’t contain too many mistakes. Do tell me (either in the comments, through Twitter or through email) if I made any mistakes, though.

Oh and, for those who want to listen to the radio program, the link’s provided here.

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