Vividred Radio Operation 02: Summary

Vividred Radio Operation

Wow, I’m like, ridiculously late on this. It’s already the last day of 2012.

Well, at least you’ll have something to take away for 2012. Ain’t that good for you.

By the time I finish writing this it’ll probably be 2013 in my timezone, though. :<

Anyways, second summary of Vividred Radio Operation, let's go!

The radio starts off with Yukachin tasting some noni juice from Okinawa. She describes the experience as drinking something sour, then smelling a smell like her brother’s soccer shoes after intensive practice (along with the reverse side of his shin guards). Apparently Ayaneru used to drink this everyday in the past, and it’s supposedly good for the body.

Well, it’s explained that Ayaneru and the staff’s drank noni juice in the past week so now it’s Yukachin’s turn to try it.

Ayaneru goes on to talk about how she posted on Twitter the past week about “supporting Ootsubo Yuka’s XXX fishing corner” and then everyone’s replies were like “YAY”.

Yukachin talks about how some people call her “ossan” (old man) instead of “occhan”, to which Ayaneru comments that it’s the same anyway ww

Yukachin (and also Ayaneru, for some reason) gets pudding later to get rid of the taste of the noni juice. How lucky.

Okay, time for some letters.

First letter contains suggestions for a personalized name for the radio, which was apparently mentioned in the previous week (wait, did I miss that out on last week’s broadcast?). Ayaneru talks about using “ViviRaji” (short for Vividred Radio), and comments on how a producer thought that it was stupid. Some of the staff saw Ayaneru’s fuming face and started laughing midway ww

On to the second letter, Ayaneru reads out the letter, and Yukachin replies while eating away on the pudding (and is stopped by Ayaneru ww). Nothing much about the letter really, except that the writer personally wishes the “Ootsubo Yuka’s XXX fishing” corner to be carried out.

Third letter now. Part of the letter reads “You’ll do ‘Ootsubo Yuka’s solo Kouhaku Utagassen’ corner, right?”. Looks like everyone wants a solo-Yukachin corner www

Fourth letter, and the last for now. The writer apparently drinks milk every day but started having stomachaches so he stopped drinking milk, so he wants some advice. What’s interesting is that the writer adds a “Have fun hyping this letter up” at the end of the letter ww. Yeah, so cue random shouting from Ayaneru and Yukachin for the next half a minute. They were shouting random phrases about milk and such ww

Vividred All-Stars Sports Competition corner

Oh, so in the end they went with the sports competition idea?

As mentioned last week, it’s a sports competition with two teams, Team Sakura and Team Ootsubo. They’re both one-man teams ww

This week’s sport will be ball-tossing! I wish we had video on this one ww

Ayaneru ends up with 7 balls after a minute, while Yukachin ends up with 15 balls. The counting went rather interestingly.

Ayaneru and Yukachin: One, two, three, four, five, six, seven…
Yukachin: Eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen…
Yukachin: Fifteen, Kizuna pudding! *staff and Ayaneru laugh*
Ayaneru: Oi oi, that last one’s out of place! The last one’s no count!

As such, it’s Yukachin’s victory this time! She congratulates everyone in the team for their efforts, even though it’s a one-man team ww

With that, Team Ootsubo gets 10 points, while Team Sakura gets 0 points! As to what these points will be used for is still unknown though.

Vividred Engine, Power on!

Another challenge awaits this time!

Basically, the situation this time is that three letters from other radio programs have been mistakenly delivered, and the operation this time is to “save” them as in, pretend that they’ve been delivered correctly (basically they reply to the letters as per normal even if they don’t know what’s going on).

First letter’s with reference to a question to the writer, asking “What would be an animal that appears in front of you in a forest?”. The writer says that his mother came to mind, since his mother is a human, which counts as an animal (Ayaneru: What are you saying?). The writer then asks for a diagnosis result, since his friends looked at him in shock when he said that (yeah well duh).

Yukachin provides her “diagnosis”, which is that the forest represents the heart, and that the scene of the writer’s mother appearing out into the forest may well represent a need to talk with the writer’s mother more. Yukachin recommends calling the writer’s mother right after he/she gets home today, and that the mother’s definitely waiting for the call.

Okay, that sounded like Yukachin was smoking it ww

Next letter’s about the language of flowers. To which Ayaneru says that she completely doesn’t care about the language of flowers ww. Yukachin says that she remembers the amount of corn starch written at the back of a pack of baumkuchen more than the language of flowers www

Third letter’s about the angel/devil-like scenarios, except there’s an extra tosaken (that’s a Japanese dog breed apparently) scenario. It goes something like this:

Scenario: A 100-yen coin is found on the floor
Angel: Oh, the person who lost this must be troubled, let’s bring this to the police station!
Devil: Lucky, let’s keep this!
Tosaken: *is in the middle of a dogfight and does not notice*

Okay, that sounded really ridiculous.

They ended up talking about how the tosaken is always in the middle of a dogfight ww

Well, they ended up failing the challenge because they weren’t good enough at the task so, that’s another Vividred point added. Welp. :_>

Ayaneru and Yukachin both comment that the studio smell of noni at the end of the broadcast www

Well, that’s it for the second broadcast of Vividred Radio. Couldn’t really understand much of it, had to re-listen like, three or four times before I got what they were saying. Well, hopefully I do better next time. :<

#3 will be coming soon, I hope I can release it by tomorrow (which is New Year's), along with my OniiAi and Sakurasou posts. Boy, those are really overdue.

Oh, and the program's available in NND here if anyone’s interested to give it a listen.

With that, it’s past 1 in my timezone, happy new year to everyone!

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