Vividred Radio Operation 03: Summary

Vividred Radio Operation

Third broadcast now! Felt like I could understand more this time round~

Apparently Yukachin’s drinking noni juice again, as a sort of punishment for last week. Ahahahaha what the hell www

Ayaneru drinks it too, but she shouldn’t have any problem with it since she used to drink it every day.

While Ayaneru’s reminiscing about the taste of the noni juice she used to drink every day, Yukachin’s cringing www

In addition, Ayaneru drinks up Yukachin’s bottle of water:

Yukachin: Wait, why’re you taking my water?!
Ayaneru: Hmm?
Yukachin: Why’re you taking—what’re you doing? Why did you open it and drink it?
Yukachin: Oh wait isn’t this like an indirect kiss…
Ayaneru: *coughs* That’s what I was aiming for.

Oh wow, Ayaneru www

After that, apparently some of Ayaneru’s (precious) noni juice got spilled and she comments on how Yukachin seems to have a pleased look on her face ww

And we have a new point system from now on (another point system? ww)! Ayaneru and Yukachin’s performance during the listener’s corner (that is, the corner with all the letters and whatnot) will be evaluated, and a point will be given if that corner was interesting, and a point will be deducted if it wasn’t. Well, now we have three types of points ww

Ayaneru and Yukachin start to complain about how the radio show isn’t normal because of all these points wwww

Listener’s corner

The first letter starts off with a greeting “Noni-ssu!”, to which Yukachin comments that the taste of the noni has come back ww

Anyway, the first letter talks about having red bean soup in winter, and the duo holds a poll in the studio to see whether people like tsubuan (chunky red bean paste) or koshian (smooth red bean paste) more. Koshian wins 5 to 2, I think. Then they talk about how koshian sounds cuter than tsubuan, by accenting the last syllable of the word (tsuBU vs koSHI).

Somehow this turns to Yukachin doing the same for her name (“OotsuBO!”), to which Ayaneru jokingly says that it’s not cute ww

On to the second letter, it contains a suggestion to have “batsu-geimu points” (Punishment game points) for the punishments they do. Yukachin’s asked to drink the noni juice again wwww (Ayaneru even pours it out for her w). Poor girl wwwwww

And the results of the evaluation is…

They get a point! Yayyyyy! Ayaneru comments that she can now see the normality of the radio program. Yukachin comments that they’ve finally been treated kindly after being treated coldly for the past two episodes www (well, she did drink noni juice twice this time round w)

Vividred Discussion Panel

We have a discussion panel corner this time round! No points involved this time, I think ww

First topic is “Why do you want to fish the longtooth grouper?”. The question’s probably directed to Yukachin, since she has that fishing corner, but even she doesn’t know (since she didn’t even say that she wanted to fish www).

Yukachin then tries to pose this question to the staff, but ends up mixing up the order of the words.

And then someone from the staff (the writer, I think) really does speaks into the mic, and then Ayaneru and Yukachin ends up asking him stuff like “What’s your blood type?” (Ans: B), “What’re your hobbies?” (Ans: None) and “What are you wearing?” (Ans: T-shirt of an idol) www

Yukachin then asks if he has a girlfriend, and the alarm rings www

The answer to that first question was that the longtooth grouper is related to Izu-Oshima (where Vividred is set), btw.

Next topic is “The future of this radio program”. Ayaneru and Yukachin comment that it’s too early to be asking this question since it’s only the third broadcast ww. Yukachin says that she’d like to call the rest of the staff down for a future broadcast (yay!). Mayayan on the radio, please! :D

Third topic’s “Summary of times when the outfits of veteran seiyuus obviously did not fit them (probably referring to style)”. Wait, what? Nothing much here, in any case (couldn’t understand much anyway ww)

With that, the corner’s come to an end. Yukachin comments on how normal this corner looked to be, to which Ayaneru comments that it’s the other corners which are abnormal ww

Vividred Energy: Power On!

The operation this time is to give advice for each of the mails. The catch is that a different response for each of the mails has to be given, even if they have similar content.

The first mail’s asking for advice on things to do to keep one’s focus (as the writer of the mail’s going to take entrance exams soon). Ayaneru recommends for example, gradually standing up after having sitting down and studied for a long time. And acupuncture too.

Second mail’s about ways to get around pressure (basically the two have to come up with something to encourage the writer of the mail, I guess?). Ayaneru and Yukachin tell the writer to believe himself and that they’ll be rooting for him.

Third mail’s asking for the things that the two do to release anxiety when they are nervous for auditions. Yukachin says that the most important thing is to love what you’re doing. Apparently what they do is to have a good meal and sleep. I guess that works too, huh.

And the results is…

They clear the operation this time!

Yukachin once again comments on how normal the broadcast was this time round apart from the noni juice, to which Ayaneru comments that the noni juice was normal as well ww

Vividred Information corner

More information about airing times for Vividred, and also the announcement of Vividred Navi, a special event before the airing of the series.

It airs at MBS on December 27 at 27.30 hours (that’s 3.30 am on 28/12), TBS on 4 January at 26.15 hours (that’s 2.15 am on 5/1), CBC on 4 January at 27.40 hours (that’s 3.40 am on 5/1) and BSTBS on 12 January at 24.00 (that’s midnight on 13/1). I’ve heard that it’ll be streamed some time on NND as well, not sure of the details though.

There’s also a live broadcast on NND every Sunday starting from January 13. They’re going to do some talk corner and stuff like that. This sounds interesting.

With that, the third broadcast is almost over. Ayaneru comments that the next broadcast will be the last broadcast of 2012, so they’re going to roll out “Ootsubo Yuka’s solo XXX series” ww. Looking forward to that. :D

Man, this broadcast seemed easier to understand, but it was still rather tiring to summarize. Still had to re-listen a few times, my listening skills really aren’t up to scratch. :X

Still, I’m rather excited about next week’s broadcast, and if I manage to get it done by tomorrow I’ll be on time for the fifth broadcast, yay!

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