Vividred Radio Operation 04: Summary

Vividred Radio Operation

The last broadcast of 2012 (oh look I’m one week late on this)!

It’s finally time for the anticipated project!

The first installment of Ootsubo Yuka’s solo XXX project! 8888888

Apparently they’re scrapping the Vividred! Power on! corner to make way for this corner this time because of time constrains. Well…not complaining. xD

Listener’s corner

The letters these time all seem to be about greetings for the radio program w.

The radio name of the first listener is “My Hero”. Yukachin has troubles pronouncing it at first, and Ayaneru has to correct her. Yukachin had thought that they were one single word and got confused at first. Anyway, the first letter gives a suggestion to use “Peace!” as a greeting, because well, Vividred’s all about protecting the peace in the world right! Ayaneru and Yukachin comment that this radio is anything but peace though ww

The second letter starts off with the greeting “Konnoniwa” w. Yukachin got the chills from the greeting, to which Ayaneru asks if it’s trauma (from the previous episodes) www. It’s another suggestion for a greeting. The listener had intended to incorporate the word “noni” into a greeting so “Konnoniwa” was born, to which Ayaneru comments that the radio program isn’t a program about noni wwwww.

The third letter is also about another suggestion for a greeting. “Red”( in Vividred) = Aka, which is like Aka-chan, which is baby in Japanese. Thus, the suggestion for the greeting is “Babu” (wait, what?!) ww. The two try it out in the studio and it does come off as a bit strange. They both comment that something simpler to understand would be good.

And the evaluation this time is…

They fail. D:


Ayaneru tells the staff to evaluate them seriously www

They go back to 0 points now. ):

63rd Ootsubo Yuka solo Kouhaku Utagassen

Ooooh, I can still remember Kouhaku from last week! It was amazing. Looks like Yukachin’s doing it this time round. Sigh, it would’ve been great if I’d made this summary a week ago.

Just for those who don’t know, Kouhaku Utagassen (henceforth shortened to just Kouhaku) is a singing competition held on New Year’s Eve every year with two teams, the white and red team competing to earn votes from everyone in the country.

So isn’t this version of Kouhaku like, having Yukachin sing as both teams? ww

Anyway, Ayaneru’s one of the judges for this corner! It’s really amusing to see Ayaneru use that polite manner of speaking. Also, when asked what artists she was looking forward to, it was amusing as well to hear all the answers being “Ootsubo Yuka” (since well, this is Ootsubo Yuka’s solo Kouhaku) wwww. Apparently Ayaneru’s supporting the white Ootsubo team this time round, too.

Yukachin then proceeds to introduce the cheering parties of the two teams, who said pretty random stuff ww
Next is the guests, from the red team we have a lady who’s known Ootsubo Yuka (voiced by Ayaneru w) since young. The whole conversation was pretty lulzy:

Lady: Oh my! I-Is that Ootsubo Yuka-chan? That’s Yuka-chan, right? Am I wrong? When I rooted for the baby you, you were a very small kid! You were around 300g (wait what www). I’m very happy to see that you’ve already grown into a cute girl and has climbed up to this point. I’ll bring nikujaga (potato and meat stew) next time, will that be okay? You can eat that, right? You were rather picky with your food, what’s your favorite food now?
Yukachin: Baumkuchen…
Lady: Is it Macs (Macdonald’s)?
Yukachin: Er no, it’s baumkuchen…
Lady: So you like potatoes and the like? As expected, the young really like potatoes, right?
Yukachin: Staff!
Lady: Ah, I’m being led away, don’t do this, ahhhhh!
Yukachin: With that, the one who has been just departed this stage is the old lady who’s known me since I was born.

Yukachin then introduces the guest for the white team…

Which turns out to be Oda Nobunaga wwww

Yukachin then goes to prepare for the final two songs, leaving Ayaneru to take over (Yukachin: “What preparation?” www)

Ayaneru introduces the first (of the last two) song, titled “Fishing” www. After a pause, Yukachin exclaims that she doesn’t know the song wwwwww:

Yukachin: Eh but I don’t know this song! What song is this?
Ayaneru (in the background): Ootsubo-san has taken the standing mike on the stage.
Yukachin: What melody is this? An original? HUHHHH?
Ayaneru: Isn’t this what they do for singing competitions?

Yukachin then begins to sing. The lyrics and melody sound ridiculous wwww

Ayaneru announces the last song of Kouhaku (Yukachin: “Wait, it’s not over yet? HUHHH?” ww), titled “Occhan Ondo” w (an ondo is a marching song of sorts, I think).

Then begins an even more ridiculous song than the previous one wwwww

With that, comes to the end of the performances for the 63rd Ootsubo Yuka solo Kouhaku!

And the results are…

A draw (Red 4 – White 4)!

As such, the 63rd Ootsubo Yuka solo Kouhaku has come to an end!

Vividred Information corner

Broadcast information again, blahblahblah.

Also, information about Vivid! Navi, an event that’ll be broadcasted before the actual broadcast of Vividred Operation. It’s about the same as the last broadcast, so yeah. Btw, the NND one just aired a few hours ago, but I missed it because it was region-locked. ;_;

Information about the live broadcast every Sunday from January 13 onwards is also announced. Once again, it’s mostly the same as the last broadcast.

Lastly, information about CMs and whatnot.

Alright, so the last Vividred radio broadcast of 2012’s over! Ayaneru and Yukachin both agreed that the Kouhaku corner this week went pretty well. I think so too, it was pretty entertaining www

First broadcast of the year next broadcast! #5’s already out anyway so, I’m late on #5 as well. Might be able to do that by tomorrow, since I’ll have an entire day to listen to the broadcast. Then I’ll be on time for #6!

Okay, it’s almost a week past New Year already but, have a good year ahead!

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