Vividred Radio Operation 05: Summary

Vividred Radio Operation

First broadcast of the year!

Happy new year from Ayaneru and Yukachin!

Getting down to business real quick here.

Listener’s corner
First letter’s about the Nico live that held last week. I missed that Nico live, btw. Apparently the five seiyuus drank noni juice. Gahhh, I’d love to watch that.

The next letter starts off with a greeting “kuekue!”. Gosh, these greetings get really interesting at times ww. There’re also suggestions for the next solo XXX corner, which include a solo manzai (comedy skit) corner, as well as a solo yakiniku (barbeque) corner w. A solo manzai corner would be really interesting to watch wwww. Yukachin says that she wants to do the solo yakiniku corner but Ayaneru thinks that it’s boring w (actually, I think so too). And then they start talking doing air yakiniku ww

And the evaluation this time is…

They pass! 1 point added! Woohoo!

Vividred Operation pre-airing commemoration Radio Operation Renewal Election

Wow, long name ww

Basically they’ll be attempting four corners adapted from other anime radios. The staff and personalities (that is, Ayaneru and Yukachin) will vote on whether the corners this week were better, or the ones which have been done for the past four broadcasts. This will affect what corners the personalities will be doing next week.

Vividred Trouble Discussion corner

This is the first corner. As the name suggests, the personalities will be discussing the various problems listeners face in their lives.

The first letter’s from a staff. It begins with “There’s a person in my class which I like”, to which Ayaneru and Yukachin both “WHOOOOOOOOH” at the same time www. Apparently this person has an idol-like presence at school, is good at sports and studies and is basically a perfect existence. This particular staff is planning to confess to this person during their next meeting, and is practically prepared to get rejected (ouch ww). The writer asks for advice: To confess knowing that rejection is imminent, or to keep quiet and watch the other party from afar.

Yukachin thinks that the former’s better, since it’s better to regret after doing something rather than to regret not having done that something. I guess she’s right in a certain way. Ayaneru thinks otherwise, that not confessing would be better. She thinks that as things are right now it’d be better to give up.

Vividred Speech Operation

In this corner, the personalities will read out lines suggested by listeners for the characters they’re voicing (that is Akane and Wakaba). They even have a box full of suggestions prepared! w

Ayaneru goes first! Her line’s (as translated) “Geez, don’t look away, you only have to look at me!”, using Akane’s voice. It was rather moe~

Yukachin goes next, and her line’s “Overslept, overslept! If I don’t hurry I’ll be late!”, using Wakaba’s voice. Hmm, less embarrassing than Ayaneru’s line w

Yukachin redoes the line above in the context of a person trying to wake her childhood friend up (such that it becomes “You’ve overslept! If you don’t hurry you’ll be late!” now) by whispering into her ear, and then Ayaneru tells her to apologize to Wakaba www

Izu-Oshima Quiz corner

Like the name of the corner suggests, it’s a quiz corner! Apparently there’s going to be a reward for getting the answers correct. O:

Question: What is the flower of Izu-Oshima?
Choices: (A) Camellia, (B) Cherry Blossom

Wait wait, only two choices? w

In any case, Ayaneru notes that the topic’s been raised before in a report in Dengeki G’s Magazine. Oh hey, I’ve translated that before! Anyway, here’s the answer!

Answer: (A) Camellia

Also, apparently there’s only one question in the quiz. That was a relatively simple way to get the reward ww
The reward’s Mihara Camellia oil! Good stuff there.

Here’s the catch.

There’s only one bottle wwwww

Ayaneru suggests a fist fight to settle things www

Well, Ayaneru lets Yukachin have it in the end because the oil would be more suited for her long hair. I’m somewhat disappointed there wasn’t a fist fight www (I’m such a horrible person for that).

Vividred Battle Operation

This’ a corner with competitions and such so…yeah. It’s kinda like a showdown between Ayaneru and Yukachin, haha.
The battle operation this week will be based on the Yamanote Line game (a popular drinking game, but they’re not going to drink here w). While playing, everyone claps in rhythm, and each player has to say an object name from the selected category on the correct beat. The loser will be the one who stumbles and/or says something that isn’t in the selected category.

The category this week will be…the administrative divisions of Japan (the prefectures and whatnot)!

In the end, Yukachin loses because she repeated Osaka-fu twice. So the winner this time is…Ayaneru!
Ayaneru suggests that the winner receive the camellia oil. She says that with the camellia oil, her hair’ll become smooth, to which Yukachin asks to let her peropero (lick) her hair wwww

With that, the four corners have been completed! Now to vote for the best corner!

Ayaneru does the vote tallying.

The first vote is for the corners from before. The reason given is that Ayaneru and Yukachin are not cut out for normal radios (Ayaneru and Yukachin: “OIIIIIIII!”) www

Ayaneru tells the voter to apologize to other radios www

The next vote is for the corners this week. That’s 1 – 1 now.

The next vote is for the corners from before (Yukachin: “Shall we tear this?” ww). The reason given is that as the corners didn’t sound much like anime radio, it would be easier to use the corners from before.
Ayaneru ends up tearing that vote slip up wwwwww (Yukachin: “Ahahaha you tore it” w)

Next vote is for the corners from before. That’s 3 – 1 now.

Next vote is for the corners from before. The reason given is that “we wouldn’t want to do a normal anime radio, do we?” ww

Next vote is for the corners from before. 5 – 1!

The next vote is for the corners from this week. 5 – 2 as of now.

The next vote’s for the corners from before. Reason given is “Fish that longtooth grouper, for now” ww (Yukachin: “That’s the coldest comment so far!”)

That’s the end of the voting! The corners from before win 6 votes to 2! Looks like the radio program will proceed with its corners as per normal next week. Ayaneru and Yukachin won’t get to feel normal again ww

In fact, I think those two votes for the corners this week were from the two of them www

Vividred Energy, Power On!

The challenge corner as always, this week’s operation includes introducing letters, but in addition to that, some ridiculous requests have been thrown in too, and it’s the personalities’ role to entertain those requests no matter how ridiculous they sound. Finish three letters, and if it went well the operation is cleared.

The first request is for a short skit to introduce Vividred. Hmm, doesn’t sound very tough.

So the skit went something like this:
Yukachin: Hey, Ayane-chan!
Ayaneru: U-Uh, what is it?
Yukachin: It looks like if we combine our powers, great things can happen!
Ayaneru: What do you mean?
Yukachin: Like I said, it looks like if we combine our powers, great things can happen!
Ayaneru: Why did you say that twice?
Yukachin: It’s an important thing!
Yukachin: Then… *Ayaneru and the staff laugh*
Ayaneru: Continue, continue.
Yukachin: Then, I’ll transform so, (somehow) transform too, Ayane-chan.
Ayaneru: Mm.
Yukachin: Let’s go! Yes, I’ve turned into Green!
Ayaneru: Ah then I’ll try, too.
*random sound effect from Ayaneru*

Ayaneru: Oh, I’ve become fast!
Yukachin: Amazing, you’re now flying in the skies!
Ayaneru: Really, it looks like I’m flying in the skies (somehow)!
Yukachin: Somehow, you look powerful!
Ayaneru: I know, right!
Yukachin: Then, let’s combine our powers and defeat the mysterious enemies whom we don’t know much about, the Alone!
Ayaneru: Alone? What’s that?
Yukachin: The Alone are big mysterious things which appear to be our enemies!
Ayaneru: I see. Then, let’s combine our powers— wait, before that, Green and Red comes off as Christmas, so let’s gather Yellow, Blue and Black (Black might be a enemy but still), and defeat the Alone!
Yukachin: Okay okay okay.
Ayaneru: Let’s go!

Yukachin: Sei….yaaaaaa!
*screaming voice effect made by Yukachin* ww
Yukachin: The Alone’s dead!
*Ayaneru, Yukachin and the staff laugh*

Well, that’s the skit so, let’s move on the next letter.
In the next letter, they’re supposed to give an answer of sorts to the topic, which is revealed to be “I don’t want to do such a Vividred Operation” (basically they’re supposed to come up with an operation which they don’t want to do). The two came up with two horrible operations (which I couldn’t understand, ugh) in the end.

The third and last letter’s a request for the personalities to play a song (supporting Vividred) using instruments. Ayaneru gets the recorder and Yukachin takes a small guitar. Yukachin changes the guitar for the tambourine in the end though.

So the two start their performance. It was a relatively amusing performance. Ayaneru can’t really play the recorder www

And the result of the operation is…

They clear the operation! Yukachin says that she’ll be able to sleep well at night ww

Vividred Information corner

Changes to Vivid Navi’s broadcast timing, it’s been changed to 2550 hours on the 4th of January (which has passed already). CBC’s broadcast will be at 2740 hours on the 4th of January, and BS-TBS’s broadcast will be at 2400 hours on the 12th of January.

Broadcast information as well, which I’m lazy to write it all for all.

News on the OP/EDs for the series, which probably is very old news already. Earthmind’s doing the OP, and the five main seiyuus are doing the ED. Very old news, like I said.

Well, that’s the end of the Vividred Radio #5, it’s been a rather long broadcast this time round. Took me 3 days to finish writing this summary, was slowly taking my time to listen carefully. Well, I’ve been rather busy these days so that’s it.

Link for the radio can be found here.

Anyway, with this, I should be on schedule for Vividred Radio #6! Feels great to clear the backlog.

Also, don’t forget to catch Vividred Operation this week!

2 thoughts on “Vividred Radio Operation 05: Summary

  1. paranda

    Found this blog while googling vivid red radio tags. lol I think you may be only the third person ever who has written about this in English. It’s my second favorite radio on air right now. Nice job on the recaps. Can’t wait to hear your reaction to episode where they start eating all sorts of shit with mayo, so please keep doing these.

    1. thatredsky Post author

      That’s the next broadcast, isn’t it? I’m in the midst of working on it right now, should be able to release it by today. The part where they ate all the random stuff with mayo was really entertaining, especially when Yukachin choked on the dango.

      I wanted to drop this project due to lack of time (I haven’t even caught up fully on Winter anime yet), but I decided to make the push because the 8th broadcast was Ayaneru’s birthday special. In any case, it’s great to see that there’s someone who actually reads my summaries, thanks for supporting!


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