Vividred Radio Operation 06: Summary

Vividred Radio Operation

The sixth installment of the Vividred Radio! Vividred Operation’s going to be aired at 25.30 tonight (or at least, when this radio was broadcast)! YAYYYYYYY!

So yes, I’m late on this summary again. VERY late. Two weeks late. :X

Listener’s corner

Nothing much this time round, but the first letter was quite interesting.

The first letter asks if there’s any particular thing which the personalities do when they enter the bathtub. It was a rather interesting question:

Yukachin: *reading out the letter* When you two (Ayaneru and Yukachin) get into the bath, is there anything you do in particular?
Ayaneru: Is there?
Yukachin: Mm…Nope!

Yes, Yukachin replies with a flat “Nope”. www

Apparently Ayaneru puts her iPhone and iPad into Ziploc bags and then uses them while in the bath or while showering. Well, I guess that’s common in Japan, eh?

Also, apparently Ayaneru hasn’t heard of bathroom speakers, so Yukachin says that she’s going to get it for Ayaneru for her brithday (Ayaneru: “Can I eat it?” ww).

Yukachin says she takes about 10 minutes to shower, while Ayaneru says she takes 30 minutes. Which is kinda weird because Yukachin has longer hair than Ayaneru www

Apparently what Ayaneru does in the shower is to…do nothing. .____.

The verdict this time round for the corner was…they pass! They get one point for that, for a total of two now!

Mayonnaise Revenge Operation

In this operation, the personalities will have to make different combinations of food, which they’ll taste.

They are provided with various kinds of mayonnaise, chocolate, mitarashi dango, inari sushi, pineapple, pudding and udon. They’ll have to draw lots to see which items they get.

This sounds really interesting, actually ww

Ayaneru gets the half-calorie mayonnaise and pudding, which probably didn’t taste very well (even though they said it was marvelous w).

Yukachin manages to get normal mayonnaise and inari sushi (which Ayaneru steals and eats for herself wwwww), which probably was a better combination than mayonnaise and pudding w.

Next, Ayaneru gets the normal mayonnaise and udon! Ayaneru comments that the udon with the soup’s turned milky white wwww. It turned out to be quite delicious in the end anyway w.

Yukachin draws the half-calorie mayonnaise and…chocolate. Well, this is going to be a bit harder to pull off ww. It didn’t turn out too bad either, Yukachin commenting that it tasted a bit like salty chocolate w

Meanwhile, Ayaneru was slurping noodles in the background ww

Ayaneru’s turn to draw again. She gets the half-calorie mayonnaise and mitarashi dango. Yukachin cringes while the mayonnaise is applied to the dango. They both try it and it’s unexpectedly good, but Yukachin seems to have choked on the dango ww

Yukachin’s then left with the pineapple, and normal mayonnaise. It didn’t turn out too bad, but Ayaneru was once again slurping noodles in the background ww

This concludes the operation for this broadcast. It was pretty fun this time round (even Yukachin said so herself),

I’ll be looking forward to more of such corners w

Vividred Energy, Power On!

The operation for this corner this time round is to introduce Vividred Operation to different groups of people.

The first task is to introduce Vividred to children. Ayaneru takes up this task, and slows down her speech considerably. Nothing much really.

The second task is to introduce Vividred to foreigners. Yukachin will be doing this task. This will be really interesting. :D

It went a bit like this (I’m going to leave this totally untranslated):

Yukachin: Hello, nice to meet you! Gentlemen— Uh, ladies and gentlemen.
Ayaneru: Hmm, uhhuh uhhuh.
Yukachin: Yeah!
Ayaneru: Uhhuh uhhuh.
Yukachin: This is Vividred Operation, Japanese animation. Okay okay?
Ayaneru: Mmmhm.
Yukachin: Oops oops. *staff laugh*
Yukachin: Eh, kore wa, MBS, TBS, CBC, BS-TBS de, housou sareru yo. (This simply means that Vividred is aired at MBS, TBS, CBC and BS-TBS)
Ayaneru: What what what what what what?
Yukachin: NicoNico nama housou de maishuu Sunday (This is saying that Nico Nico live broadcast’s on every Sunday) *Ayaneru and staff all laugh even harder*
Ayaneru: Oh yes yes yes.
Yukachin: Maishu Sunday no nijuuni ji (“Every Sunday at 22 hours”)
Ayaneru: Oh, what what what what?
Yukachin: Twenty-two roku roku kara (I have actually no idea what this means, maybe “Twenty-two rock rock” or “Twenty-two sixty-six”. Either way it doesn’t make sense www. EDIT: Apparently she was saying “Twenty-two o’clock, according to paranda on Twitter. Couldn’t hear the “o’clock” properly at all www)
Yukachin: Animation no honpen wo haishinshiteru yo (Talking about the animation being broadcasted)
Ayaneru: What what?
Yukachin: Animation honpen no ato ni wa, me-tachi, cast no talk. (“After the broadcast, there’s a talk show involving the cast”. Note how Yukachin used Me + tachi, a combination of English and Japanese to mean we wwwwww)
Ayaneru: What?
Yukachin: Talk.
Ayaneru: What?
Yukachin: Talk.
Ayaneru: What?
Yukachin: Talking. Talking mo, otodoke suru yo (Basically saying that the talk show will be delivered after the broadcast)
Ayaneru: What oto-doke?
Yukachin: Otodoke suru.
Ayaneru: Otodoke what?
Yukachin: O–ano…hmm? (Yukachin’s stuttering now :X)
Ayaneru: What?
Yukachin: Maa kuwashii jouhou wa Vividred Operation no koushiki homepage de check shite ne. (“Well, for detailed information please check the official Vividred Operation homepage.” Also, note how Yukachin just skipped the previous question regarding otodokesuru wwwww)
Ayaneru: What, what? Homepage what?
Yukachin: Homepage wa, web browser. *both laugh*(“Homepage is, web browser.” Ayaneru notes how a homepage doesn’t exactly mean web browser wwww)
Yukachin: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Ah yes, web net de, kuwashiku wa web net de check, check, okay, okay? (Basically this is telling us to check the webpage for details wwww)
Yukachin: Vividred Operation, YAAAAAY! Nice to meet you, see you.
Ayaneru: Uhhuh.
Yukachin: Good night.

Well, that’s about the end of the English introduction. It was certainly an interesting one wwww

It’s amusing to note that Ayaneru’s mostly said either “Mmmhm” or “What?” throughout the task ww

Also, I think “Good night” might be one of the few phrases Yukachin pronounced perfectly.

And lastly, the third task is to introduce the series to a robot. Okay, what the heck w

Yukachin takes this task up once again. She uses a pretty good robotic tone. Meanwhile, Ayaneru’s saying “What, what, what?” in the background again ww. Nothing much, but I think the robotic tone was done rather well.

Having said that, they still failed in the end. But hey, it was rather entertaining (at least, the English introduction was www). Great effort, both of you.

The current number of Vivid points stands at 3 points.

Vividred Information corner

Broadcast information again. Nothing much.

The OP for this series’ll be done by earthmind, and it’ll be released on the 13th of February. Three versions will be released, the limited edition version, the regular version and the anime version.

The ED will be sung by the cast, and the ED’ll change based on the story (this is confirmed in the third episode, aired yesterday).

With that, the radio program comes to an end. Ayaneru says that the roof of her mouth feels weird after eating all the mayonnaise, but she and Yukachin both agree that the food was delicious. Man, I feel like eating mayonnaise now ww

Alright, that’s the end of Vividred Radio Summary #6, I’m really late on this, haven’t been bothering to do up the summary recently.

Well, Vividred Radio #8 is apparently on Ayaneru’s birthday special, so I wouldn’t want to miss that.

Link to this broadcast can be found here.

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