Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT – 01

BokuTomo NEXT - 01_01

BokuTomo NEXT - 01_02

BokuTomo NEXT - 01_03

BokuTomo NEXT - 01_04

I know this is like, three weeks late but still.

YAYYYYYY the Neighbor’s Club is backkkkkk. Kobato-channnnnnnn!

BokuTomo NEXT - 01_05

Yozora’s being mean as ever wwww

BokuTomo NEXT - 01_06

BokuTomo NEXT - 01_07

BokuTomo NEXT - 01_08

Now Rika joins in to troll Sena ww.

Gdi guys you’re so mean to her w.

BokuTomo NEXT - 01_09

And Sena secretly stalks Yozora. Jesus Christ.

BokuTomo NEXT - 01_13

BokuTomo NEXT - 01_12

BokuTomo NEXT - 01_11

BokuTomo NEXT - 01_10

Goddammit Sena this is getting creepy.

With that, the episode more or less comes to an end. Interesting start to the new season, pretty much affirms my love for the series.

Plus, there’re new characters this season so, really looking forward to this.

Gahhhhhhh I should really stop being so late on my posts. D:

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