Vividred Operation – 04

Vividred Operation - 04_01

Finally, Himawari’s episode! She gets to transform this episode as well!

I really like Aya Uchida’s voice as Himawari. It’s rather cute!

And then, docking time (as usual). Vividyellow!

Vividred Operation - 04_02

Vividred Operation - 04_03

This looks suspiciously similar to someone from Madoka Magica…wwww

Tiro Finale!

Tiro Finale!

The finishing move looks suspiciously similar to that someone’s finishing move as well…

But damn, that beam cannon was really cool.

Why’re the girls of Vividred so lovable!

The next episode’s titled “Another Key”, apparently featuring Rei. Does this mean she’ll get a key as well? O:

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