Vividred Operation – 05

"Gyun, gyun, gyun gyun!"

“Gyun, gyun, gyun gyun!”

We’re on to the fifth episode! Looks like this episode’ll cover Rei’s backstory.

Vividred Operation - 05_02

Vividred Operation - 05_03

Vividred Operation - 05_04

Seems like Rei’s being forced to use the Alone to destroy the Manifestor Engine due to some circumstances. Apparently the meltdown of the Manifestor Engine caused the destruction of her world.

So what, is Rei from another universe? Or maybe she’s from the future(*coughMadokacough*)?

Pretty sure that's dangerous, Rei.

Pretty sure that’s dangerous, Rei.

Following that, she tries to destroy the Engine on her own but fails anyway.

Akane picks the unconscious Rei up later, only to have to pick her back again after she goes out to shoot arrows at the Alone while Akane and co.’s fighting the Alone.

After which, Rei leaves the group (actually, she was never in the group). Yay, we’re back at square one.

Vividred Operation - 05_06

Also, it looks like this is just an ordinary key. Meh, and I thought it gave Rei some powers or something.

There wasn’t a preview this episode but…


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