Vividred Radio Operation 07: Summary

Vividred Radio Operation

Seventh broadcast! I’m getting more and more late for these summaries, bleahhhhh.

But yes, I finally bothered to make summary #07.

Listener’s Corner

Ayaneru and Yukachin talks about the first anime episode. Ayaneru likes the transformation scene a lot, especially the part where the gloves come on. Yeaaaaah, everyone loves the henshin scenes. :D

The first few letters seem to be talking about how great the first episode was. I totally agree. :D

Another letter talks about Yukachin’s Utagassen corner (Remember the 63rd Ootsubo Yuka Kouhaku Singing competition in Vividred Radio #5? Yeah, that one.). Apparently Yukachin’s brother was singing one of the songs which she sung that time w

And the letter ends off with a wish to see more noni drinking, to which Yukachin comments that the radio’s becoming one in which they just drink noni.

Ayaneru decides to scare Yukachin a bit:
Ayaneru: There’s noni juice in the studio, you know.
Yukachin: No kidding?
Ayaneru: *after a long pause* Kidding.


The next letter talks about a potential activity, where the personalities bring three food items which they dislike, and one food item which they like. They’d have to eat the three food items they dislike before eating the one which they like.

Yukachin comments that it could be fun, which prompts Ayaneru to ask about the food items that Yukachin dislikes. Yukachin replies that it’ll be used against her if she answered. She does state that she likes baumkuchen a lot (which has been mentioned quite a few times already) though. Ayaneru comments that Yukachin looks like the type to eat a slice of baumkuchen even if tastes bad.

And that’s the end of the corner this time round. They pass the evaluation, which gives them a total of 3 points.

Vividred Operation Quiz

Looks like another quiz corner, this time used to commemorate the broadcast of the first anime episode.

Apparently they have to get all questions correct this time, if not some sort of punishment awaits them (noni again, perhaps?)

Ayaneru proposes that if they get all the questions right, the staff will in turn receive the punishment. Yukachin proposes that they have the staff drink instead.

Let’s get on to the questions!

Q1: Akane Isshiki’s an energetic second-year middle-school student living with her sister and grandfather on Izu-Oshima. In actual fact, due to certain reasons, she has become scared of heights. With that, as of now, the world record for pole vault is held by Sergey Bubka. What height is this record held at? (Choices: (A) 6.14m, (B) 3.7m, (C) 3.38m, (D) 400m)

This question has no relevance to Vividred Operation whatsoever wwww (Ayaneru: Hang on, this has nothing to do with Vividred Operation!)

With that, option D is obviously out (well, duh). With a bit of discussion, the duo finally decide on the first option: 6.14m

And the answer is… (A) 6.14m! The record was set in 1993 (Ayaneru: That was the year I was born!).

Q2: Akane Isshiki is a mayonnaise who can eat rice with only mayonnaise on it. There are three main ingredients in mayonnaise, two of them are egg and oil, what is the third ingredient? (No choices are given this time; it’s an open-ended question)

Ayaneru: Isn’t it mayonnaise? www

Yukachin suggests wheat, though Ayaneru reasons that it’s impossible because well, wheat’s texture is fairly rough. The duo continue to put forth suggestions, including water, milk and olive oil (ww). Eventually they settle for “milk” as the answer.

And the answer is…vinegar! So the two get one question wrong, which means punishment!

Well, the duo decide to do the third question for completion anyway.

Q3: Enemies known as the Alone target the Manifestor Machine in the show and threaten the peace in the world. Their motives are unknown and their true forms are shrouded in mystery. The way Akane and co. opposes the Alone draws much attention to themselves. Noni has been well-known in this radio program (Ayaneru: Isn’t it weird that this is so?). “Noni” is a name in the local Hawaiian language. The real name (in Japanese) of the “noni noni” is “yaeyama ____”. Fill in the blanks. (Hint: It’s made up of three Japanese letters. It can be used as a surname in Japanese.)

The two have fun coming up with random names, which included Tanaka ww

But honestly this question’s quite hard. The two decide to ask the staff for hints, and the last letter is revealed to be “ki” (Yukachin: “Genki” www).

The two continue randomly guessing names ending with “ki”, and eventually gives up and goes for “suzuki”.

And the answer is… Aoki! The question was rather hard so, no surprises that they got it wrong.

Even so, the two complain that the questions were unrelated to the series at all w

The punishment was originally supposed to be noni juice, but since the staff thought that the personalities had probably gotten used to the taste of the noni, so they decided to go with Izu-Oshima’s local specialty, some vegetable drink.

So they both go with the vegetable drink, which probably was better than the noni juice anyway ww

Ayaneru and Yukachin both comment that the drink is “Wakaba-colored” ww

Yukachin says she’s okay with the vegetable drink. Ayaneru, on the other hand, starts to cringe after drinking it (Ayaneru: The taste of Wakaba is so…), commenting that it’s rather bitter.
And with that, the quiz corner’s over!

Vividred Energy, Power On!

The operation this time is to introduce the letters about impressions on various things.

Nothing much this time round, the first letter is about a novel, which eventually led to the personalities talking about Suzuki obaa-chan (the old lady whom Akane delivers newspapers to) w

Second letter is about impressions of a sightseeing trip to Tokyo. Led to the personalities promoting Izu-Oshima (since well, it’s in metropolitan Tokyo as well).

Third letter is about a bonsai plant which a person has waited very long for. Which also somehow led to the talk about Suzuki obaa-chan (Yukachin: Speaking of bonsai, Suzuki obaa-chan…) again wwww. And this led to speculation that it’s actually Suzuki ojii-san (Mr. Suzuki) that likes bonsai instead w

Alright, that’s the end of the corner. The two clear the operation this time, and the Vividred Point remain at 3 points.

Vividred Information corner

Broadcasting information, OP and ED release dates, details on BD vol. 1 (which has been released previously), blahblahblah.

With that, the broadcast comes to an end~

Late on this one again, I think I’m five episodes behind by now? Mehhhhhh.

The link to the broadcast can be found here.

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