Vividred Operation – 07

RURURURURURURU Akane loves her cucumbers with mayonnaise on them~

RURURURURURURU Akane loves her cucumbers with mayonnaise on them~

So after all that lulz from last episode, will we be getting some serious action this episode?

What happened this episode:

Vividred Operation - 07_02

Vividred Operation - 07_03

Vividred Operation - 07_04

Vividred Operation - 07_05

Everyone pesters Rei to come for the study session.


Vividred Operation - 07_06

"Herp derp I'm dead, bleaaaaaaaagh."

“Herp derp I’m dead, bleaaaaaaaagh.”

Rei discovers Kenjirou’s corpse and realizes that Akane is a psychopath who killed off her own grandfather and preserved his corpse by dumping it into the fridge.

And she got knocked out by Wakaba. Really makes it seem like they bumped off Kenjirou (and wanted to hide that fact) www

Vividred Operation - 07_08

For the first time, a cool-looking Alone appears.

The Alone looks like some sentinel from the future! Heck, it even uses EMPs (electromagnetic pulses) to attack! How cool is that?!

Vividred Operation - 07_09

Vividyellow makes a reappearance and proceeds to blow the Alone up with Tiro Finale Final Operation.

Because Vividyellow is obviously the best docked Vivid amirite?

Vividred Operation - 07_10

Vividred Operation - 07_11

Akane takes the blow from the transformed Alone and is defeated.

Somehow Rei’s arrow hit a fragment of the Alone after Vividyellow blew it up and it transformed into some gigantic eye on the ground (which somehow reminded me of the eye thingy that appears when alchemists tries to perform human transmutation in Fullmetal Alchemist).

Well, Akane’s out of commission for the next episode, then.

Vividred Operation - 07_12

Poor Momo’s still waiting at home for Akane to take her dinner.

>inb4 Akane crashes through the roof of the house.

Ah well, this was more like a filler to the next episode. Haven’t seen the preview for 08 yet, which airs in 5 minutes anyway.

It was great to see Vividyellow again, though. Really love that beam cannon~

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