Vividred Operation – 09

Vividred Operation - 09_01

Vividred Operation - 09_02

Vividred Operation - 09_03

Vividred Operation - 09_04

Well, who wouldn’t scout Himawari as a model?

Vividred Operation - 09_05

Mainly a character development episode this time, focusing on the friendship between Wakaba and Himawari. I really like the dynamics between these two, they’re really interesting characters.

And also because Himawari is really, really cute.

Vividred Operation - 09_06

VividBlue reappears for this week’s episode! As much as that gigantic hammer looks cool, I think I still prefer VividGreen’s massive sword or VividYellow’s beam cannon.

Also, I think the next episode’ll be on Rei. Not sure really, since I didn’t watch the preview.

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