Vividred Operation – 10

Vividred Operation - 10_01

Dun dun dun the fateful meeting.

So they finally meet.

Surprisingly, I thought Akane would be like “Rei, why’re you doing this?”. Instead, Rei was first to react and called Akane a liar who got close to her to keep an eye on her. A bit forced here. .______.

Also in this episode:

Vividred Operation - 10_02

VividGreen makes her reappearance! Gosh, I love that gigantic sword.

Vividred Operation - 10_03

And we find out that the crow’s actually some pervert from another dimension who uses beams of light to look at (and ravage) the bodies of young girls like Rei.


Vividred Operation - 10_04

Vividred Operation - 10_05

Vividred Operation - 10_06

Lastly, the Alone have been revealed to be sent by higher beings to determine if humans are worthy of using the Manifestor Engine (this kinda reminds me of Zetsuen no Tempest). I’m not sure what to make of this but, how will sending creatures that’re invincible to modern weapons and try to destroy the Manifestor Engine (along with humankind) actually help assess anything? ._______.

I’m not sure how this is going to all work out, but next episode should offer a resolution. Looks like they’re going to some facility of sorts, from the preview. Ah well, I’ll have to wait another week. D:

On a separate note, my 700th post goes to this Vividred post! *clapclapclap*

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