Vividred Radio Operation 08: Summary

Vividred Radio Operation

This is the eighth broadcast! Looks like this broadcast will feature some sort of birthday celebration for Ayaneru~
I thought that the previous summaries were pretty wordy and long (and time-consuming as a result), so I thought I might make subsequent ones less wordy.

Let’s see how this one turns out.

So, in this broadcast:

• Ayaneru announces her plan to dump all the work to Yukachin this time round because well, it’s her birthday (actually no, her actual birthday’s a few days later w).

• The personalities express their wish to do a corner where they talk about the characters of Vividred in detail (especially the girls). Sounds like a good idea w.

• They clear the Listener’s Corner and get one more point for a total of four points.

• Ayaneru gets asked to do a surprise performance. Ayaneru has to react accordingly to the various surprise scenarios, such as a surprise birthday cake, a surprise touching birthday message, etc (yeah, so it’s really a surprise performance ww). Ayaneru sounded rather forced (probably for a comical effect) www.

• Ayaneru gets Yukachin to sing a birthday song for her (even going so far as to give the song a name before Yukachin sings it “Sacchan, Birthday Rock and Roll!” w). Yukachin has a flair for smoking songs wwww.

• The Vividred, Power On! operation this time is to give advice to the people who write in to help them resolve their problems and troubles.
• One person writes in to talk about severe congestion in the convenience store causing him to be unable to buy food during lunch. The two’s suggestion is to pressure the people in front. The suggestion obviously fails www.
• The other suggestion is to time travel back to the Showa period (though I have no real clue why). It fails again (obviously).
• Since well, all suggestions failed, they fail the operation and their points drop back to 2 points.

• Looks like Rieshon’s guesting next broadcast. I can almost predict the chaos ww. Great to see that there’s a guest coming though.

Turned out to be quite short, which I’m rather pleased with. I’m really late with this though, the final episode of the serie’s almost airing. Gosh.

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