Vividred Operation – 12

Vividred Operation - 12_01

The defence forces decided to nuke the crow with 10,000 nukes, successfully destroying the gigantic crow but also blew up half of Japan in the process.

The end.

Just kidding.

The sad thing was that they tried to. And still failed.

Vividred Operation - 12_02

Vividred Operation - 12_03

Vividred Operation - 12_04

In any case, Akane docked with the other three, and we got to see VividYellow, VividGreen and VividBlue appear separately to break through the crow’s barrier to save Rei.

Since there’s Yellow, Green and Blue, guess who’s next?

Vividred Operation - 12_05


Vividred Operation - 12_06

VividRed has some sweet twintails there and a hot red outfit, though I have no idea what those two things on her back are. Are those like, jetpacks or wings or something like that?

Vividred Operation - 12_07

In any case, VividRed’s Final Operation is apparently a punch. Well, that’s it. .___________.

I thought it would be something flashier. I guess flying to space and then diving back down and giving the crow a dive-punch was flashy enough. :<

Vividred Operation - 12_08

The crow gets defeated, blahblah, Rei gets to go back to her home world blahblah, and it’s nearly time for the curtains to close on this one.

Vividred Operation - 12_09

Vividred Operation - 12_10

Vividred Operation - 12_11

Well yeah, Rei returns in the end, that’s it.

Vividred Operation’s over. Hooray.

Can’t say I was very satisfied with the ending, really.

What I mean is, the whole part about the crow and its negative force field didn’t really make any sense. If the Alones could be damaged by the Vivids, why couldn’t the crow, which ate the arrows powering up the Alones be damaged as well?

That was quite weird.

And I have no idea what the role of these “upper beings” are and what the crow has in connection to these “upper beings” either. It seemed that the crow was acting independent of the orders of these “upper beings”, rather than just being a medium for communication between them and the humans.

Yeah, I have no idea what went on.

Who cares. I liked the cast of the show, I’m happy. I liked the characters too. Who can’t like Himawari? :D

Even though Vividred’s over, I still have to finish summarizing all those radio episodes. Ahhhhhh. D:

4 thoughts on “Vividred Operation – 12

  1. sindarfrom

    10 000 nukes, really? =) Reminds me of Evangelion for some reason, there was an episode in that show, where they used some awful bomb to stop an angel and changed the terrain in the process.

  2. SkyCorps

    Yeah they never really explained too much about those “upper beings”, I kinda wish they had at least answered those questions. Personally I thought the ending was pretty standard, I didn’t love it, but I didn’t hate it. Would’ve been better if someone died or something, add a little drama to spice it up.

    And the punch, seriously? All the lead up and it’s just some punch? Wow… I was thinking/hoping it was going to be some bow and arrow or boomerang, but no, it’s back to the beat down finishing move. Meh…


    1. thatredsky Post author

      Yeah, ikr. I thought Vividred’s finishing move would be boomerang-related as well, since Akane uses a boomerang to attack, but I’m not sure why they went for the punch.

      Maybe using the boomerang lacked impact. I mean, how impactful would a gigantic boomerang have looked? :P


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