Photo Kano: First episode, first impressions

Photo Kano - 01_01

An anime about photography! Unfortunately the male protagonist Kazuya seems to be focused on photographing girls only. ._.

I heard it’s the successor to Amagami, which I really enjoyed. I don’t exactly have much expectations of this show, to be honest, having seen the trailer. It looks like it lacks substance. :/

Photo Kano - 01_02

I heard that it’ll follow the omnibus format as per Amagami as well. Not really sure how they’re going to pull this off, since the episode didn’t really focus on any heroine in particular. I suppose the meeting with Misumi at the end is the trigger for her route…?

I’m really not impressed with this anime. Let’s count how many times I wanted to drop this show this episode.

Kazuya uses a 18-55mm on a EOS Kiss X2. Drop count: 1

Photo Kano - 01_03

Using on-camera flash unnecessarily. Drop count: 1

Photo Kano - 01_04

Says the guy who didn’t even take a single photo. Drop count: 2

Photo Kano - 01_05

Photo Kano - 01_06

Yeah well, I don’t think the 18-55mm lens can zoom that far. Drop count: 3

Photo Kano - 01_06a

Photography Club president identifying wrong kind of potential. Drop count: 4

Photo Kano - 01_07

I’m sure this is illegal. Drop count: 5

Photo Kano - 01_08

Yeah, I don’t think this is legal too. Drop count: 6

Also, for having a gay stalker voice. Drop count: 7

Photo Kano - 01_09

Photography Club is full of perverts with DSLRs. Drop count: 8

Photo Kano - 01_10

Anyone who decides to join the Photography Club instead of the Photo Club is a retard.

Photo Kano - 01_11

Kazuya confirmed for biggest retard in this series, followed by his mates in the Photography Club. Drop count: 1000008

Yeah, I want to drop this series already. Kazuya deserves to burn along with the Photography Club.

Well, not everything was bad. At least the seiyuu cast is great, with Kanae Ito, Miyuki Sawashiro and Chiwa Saito, and others. I guess that’s a redeeming feature.

Photo Kano - 01_12

The imouto (voiced by Mariya Ise) is cute, too. Guess that’s another redeeming feature there.

Yeah well.

I still want to drop this series. Still, I’ll give this anime until the third episode before I make a decision.

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