Photo Kano – 03

Photo Kano - 03_01

Photo Kano - 03_02

Photo Kano - 03_03

Photo Kano - 03_04

Photo Kano - 03_05

Putting aside the fact that the physics of the whole kiss event looks really dubious, I really want to throw a brick at Kazuya.

Photo Kano - 03_06

Photo Kano - 03_07

I don’t get how every heroine forgives him for these kind of things. He seems to have this strange charisma.

Photo Kano - 03_08

Photo Kano - 03_09

Photo Kano - 03_10

Photo Kano - 03_11

He gets away with blackmail, too. -___-

Photo Kano - 03_12

Photo Kano - 03_13

Photo Kano - 03_14

He even gets away with sexual harassment (this shouldn’t come as a surprise anymore).


Photo Kano - 03_15

Photo Kano - 03_16

Good job, Kazuya.

Good job, Kazuya.

Yeah well, he gets away with this too. I honestly expected Haruka to be embarrassed and run away or something, but it didn’t seem like anything like that happened.

Photo Kano - 03_18

I give, Photo Kano, I give.

I’ve been trying not to drop this show, trying to give it chances and telling myself that I’d do it all for the seiyuu (come on, the seiyuu cast is just amazing). Can’t do it anymore.

It seems like the anime thus far is just about random encounters with the heroines where we’re reminded constantly of how much game Kazuya possesses. Just how charismatic is he? Is it because of that camera?!

I wish that happened to me in reality too.

In any case, I’m not impressed. Sure, it had elements of being like Amagami (the character traits are similar to those in Amagami), but the execution just falls short. Not sure how the game went, but the anime probably isn’t for me.

So yes, Photo Kano dropped.

Now I need to find another series to blog about.

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