Updates for Fall 2013

Why, Aki Toyosaki's birthday, of course.

Why, Aki Toyosaki’s birthday, of course.

Spring Fall is here! Just wanted to roll out some updates since I haven’t made a “life” post in quite a while.

Actually, more than being a post about updates, it’s a post designed to remind me about the things I have to do www

With Fall approaching (and my exams coming to an end), it’s time to make a new list of anime to watch.

Of course, I still have a huge backlog left from Summer (and some posts to finish up, too), but Fall looks great anyway.

Looking forward to Kyoukai no Kanata, Magi S2, Non Non Biyori and pupa (Kido-channnnnn~!). Not to mention, there’s Infinite Stratos S2 coming up too. I still remember how I had >50 screencaps for one of the episodes. Charlotte best girl. :>

Still haven’t decided on which series to blog about, though I’ll probably continue from where I left off and blog about Infinite Stratos S2.

I might pick up some of my translation projects as well, haven’t really done them in a while. Really lazy nowadays, sigh.

Not to mention that I’ve yet to summarize completely Vividred Radio. D:

Also, recently I’ve been told by some people (actually, just one) that my writing style’s boring. I do concur that my writing isn’t exactly the most interesting, so I’d like to know what people really think about the posts I write here (so that I can better my writing if it’s horrible). Having said that, I won’t change my writing style, but I thought some feedback might be useful in helping me write better.

Lastly, my graduation trip’s coming soon! Can’t wait for it, hopefully I’ll be able to get enough photos to make an anime pilgrimage post here. :D

Alright, time to wrap up Summer and start on Fall!

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