Aki Toyosaki 2nd Album「Love letters」


Recently (just a week ago), Aki Toyosaki released her second album titled “love letters”. I finally got around to giving it a listen (yeah, who cares about exams?), and I got a pleasant surprise from it.

Before I give my impressions, here’s the tracklist:

1. See You Tomorrow
2. music
3. CHEEKY -clover mix-
4. Sasurai no Mayoeru Koneko
5. Tadaima, Okaeri
6. Patapa
7. LiLi A LiLi
8. Shirotsumekusa
9. Flip Flop
10. Orion and Spangle
11. true blue
12. letter writer

Note: The song titles highlighted in italics are transliterated/translated from their original Japanese titles.

As with the first album, some of the songs from her singles have been included in her new album, namely music, Sasurai no Mayoeru Koneko, Tadaima Okaeri, Shirotsumekusa, Flip Flop, Orion and Spangle and a new mix of CHEEKY. So in total, we have 5 new songs and 7 songs from previous singles.

The album as a whole feels really great, it’s mainly light and relaxing music, typical of Aki-chan. The album order feels just right and listening to the album in the order of the tracklist is really enjoyable. Perfect for listening during studying or on a long train ride.

The cover art looks great too, as with the first album, I find myself liking the cover art for the CD version more than the CD+DVD version. Maybe this is a marketing strategy to get the fans to get both versions wwww

In short, this album’s great, so do give it a listen if you have the time.

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