Monogatari Series Second Season – 12

Monogatari Series Second Season - 12_01

Monogatari Series Second Season - 12_02

Monogatari Series Second Season - 12_03

Monogatari Series Second Season - 12_04

Monogatari Series Second Season - 12_05

Amazing, Otorimonogatari starts off with a Nice Boat scene. Good job.

Rather late on Otorimonogatari (I actually waited for the whole arc to finish airing before starting), but anyways, it’s finally time for Nadeko’s arc~

Quite interesting, it seems that Nadeko’s going to be the oddity this time (as opposed to having the oddity attack her the previous time in Nadeko Snake). Even though the theme of the oddity this time is still a snake. Looks like Nadeko has quite an affinity with snakes ww

Well, I’ll be watching to see how Nadeko ends up becoming violent and attacking Koyomi. Should be an entertaining watch.

Also, four episodes of Kana-tan. I like. :D

2 thoughts on “Monogatari Series Second Season – 12

  1. milesvibritannia

    Oh man, Otorimonogatari’s start…..that was an insane way of presenting the conclusion of the arc. This was a really unusual arc and keeping up with it weekly was a killer and yet all too captivating.

    It was interesting seeing Sengoku get the spotlight, and in such an unusual way. One thing I like about Second Season is how some of these arcs give the perspective of characters besides Araragi. Hanekawa in Nekomonogatari: Shiro, Sengoku in Otorimonogatari, and then Koimonogatari is the weirdest of all. So many fantastic plot twists and developments in Second Season, it’s a really exciting watch.


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