Today marks the end of my highschool life. With that, my highschool life has officially come to an end.

It’s been a wonderful 6 years, full of ups and downs (I think pretty much everyone says this). While I can’t say I’ve had the rose-colored highschool life which many people clamor for, I think my highschool life has been quite eventful, to say the least.

Still, I can’t say I’ve had no regrets during these 6 years, for one I wish I’d worked a bit harder during my early years. Having said that, I think I’ll be leaving behind these regrets in the highschool chapter of my life, and bringing over the lessons learnt throughout the 6 years. At the very least, I hope.

So what now? I think I’ll spending a while pondering about the next course of direction to take, all the while planning for my graduation trip (yes Japan yes!).

I probably won’t be updating this blog much since I’ve gotten quite busy with things (ironically, after school ends). I realized that I’m probably close to a month late on posts, I apologize for that.

In any case, it’s been a great 6 years. I remember starting this blog at the start of my highschool life, for purely personal reasons. Over time the anime bit has slowly creeped into the blog, turning the blog into what it is now (sorry if it’s a mess now ww). So yes, this year also marks the 6th anniversary of my blog (though I’ve no idea when the exact birthday is)! Seeing the blog grow alongside me has also been quite an emotional thing.

In other news, this also marks the 800th post in the blog! All the more to celebrate. o/

Right, I can’t really think of much to write (I’m not exactly very good at turning my thoughts into writing), so I’ll end the post here. Gotta catch up with backlog, after all.

Still, it’s been a wonderful six years. Best six years of my life so far.

5 thoughts on “Graduation!

  1. Scarlett Symphony

    What high school were you at the let you be in it for 6 years? Was it an American school? I know Japan’s high school’s have 3 years, and American has 4. What country has 6? It sounds so cool.

    1. thatredsky Post author

      It’s not really a conventional high school of sorts, it follows the 4+2 education system (4 years of secondary school + 2 years of junior college) but combines the two into a 6-year program.

      So it’s like a 6-year high school. :>

      1. Scarlett Symphony

        That’s really cool. One of the schools in my area just combines the two years of junior/community college into the last two years of high school and they graduate with an associates degree as well as a high school diploma.

  2. milesvibritannia

    Congratulations! Looks like one phase of your life has come to pass and there’s new stuff to look forward to from here on out so I hope things go well for you. I’m actually going to graduate pretty soon myself, only one semester of high school left and then I’m off to college so I can’t wait to see what the future has for me. Can’t be sure what lies ahead so I’m hoping that we’ll both have amazing experiences to come in the near (or perhaps far) future.


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