Monogatari Series Second Season – 17

Monogatari Series Second Season - 17_01

Monogatari Series Second Season - 17_02

Shinobu Time begins! Can’t wait to see what happens in this arc, especially since Shinobu’s one of my favorite characters in Monogatari (don’t we all love the loli vampire?).

Looks like it’ll be a flashback of sorts though. :/

Also, Yotsugi makes yet another reappearance. More Hayamin, yum.

2 thoughts on “Monogatari Series Second Season – 17

  1. milesvibritannia

    There is some flashback material, though it doesn’t occupy the entirety of the arc.

    As for the rest…..well, you’ll just have to see. I liked the other arcs of S2 more (especially the last one, which is currently my fave of the series), but this one is still worthwhile so look forward to what’s ahead.


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