Servant x Service Drama CDs: Part D


I haven’t been able to continue with this project for quite some time due to many commitments on my side, but I recently had some free time, so I thought I might release the next translated part of the drama CDs.

This time round, there’s not only one guest, but two of them. Do give a try at guessing their identities~

Lucy: We’re already at the General Affairs section, but the section manager’s nowhere to be found…
Chihaya: For god’s sake, where has he wandered off to?
Lucy: Hasebe’s missing too, Ichimiya sure has it tough.
Chihaya: Yeah.
Hasebe: Hey! If it isn’t Lucy and Chihaya!
Lucy: Hasebe! You’re slacking off again! Ichimiya’s looking for you, you know.
Hasebe: I’ve already been caught.
Ichimiya: For crying out loud…
Chihaya: Ichimiya, you’ve been trapped by Hasebe, haven’t you?
Ichimiya: Yeah, somehow.
Lucy: Um, have you found the section manager? He’s not in General Affairs…
Ichimiya: Eh, is that so? I’ve not seen him either. He’s not Hasebe, so I shouldn’t be preaching like this but…
Guest C: Excuse me!
Chihaya+Hasebe+Lucy+Ichimiya: Hmm?
Ichimiya: *walks over* Yes?
Guest C: I’d like to go to the Family Register and Resident section.
Guest D: You didn’t have to ask, we can get around just by looking at the guide.
Guest C: It’s fine. It’s faster to ask around.
Ichimiya: Family Register and Resident section… Uh, what kind of paperwork are you filing? The counter you have to approach changes depending on that.
Guest C: Marriage registration!
Chihaya+Hasebe+Lucy+Ichimiya: *shocked*
Ichimiya: U-Uh…
Hasebe: I’m sorry, but marriage between couples of the same sex is difficult in many areas…
Guest D: I’m not getting married with this guy.
Guest C: I’m just accompanying him.
Lucy: I see.
Chihaya: Is that all…
Ichimiya: *whispers to Chihaya* Why do you look so disappointed?
Guest D: Things’ve gotten complicated because you came with me.
Guest C: I didn’t come with you! I /coincidentally/ came to the ward office, saw that you were heading for the Marriage Registration counter and thought I might see it for myself!
Hasebe: What a troublesome friend.
Guest D: What did you come to the ward office for?
Guest C: For fun.
Guest D: What kind of fun can there be in the ward office?
Guest C: Eh? There’s the social service buzzer in the entrance, there’s the book donation counter at the library, there’s you, who came to register your marriage…
Hasebe: What a really troublesome friend.
Guest C: —there’s the section chief of the Health and Welfare department, who’s a rabbit…
Lucy: Eh?!
Guest C: —there’s a girl, in the Health and Welfare department, who’s has the name Yamagami Lucy Kimiko Akie Airi Shiori Rinne Yoshiho Chihoko Ayano Fumika Chitose Sanae Mikiko Ichika Yukino Reina Eri Ai Tamiko Chikage Emilia Julia Shizue Erina Chisa Yumeka Natsuki Ranran Rieko Setsuri Chikako Azumi Marina Hideko Chiaki Misaki Naomi Campbell Miku Yuka Masako Sachiko Nana Haruka Mutsumi Yuna Shimako Yukie Rin Sakura Kanna Wakana Hazuki Honami Ruri Mihane Momoka Himari Nozomi Futaba Mayuyu…
Lucy: EH?!
Hasebe: So close! He got the positions of “Haruka” and “Mutsumi” reversed!
Lucy: You don’t have to be disturbed by that, Hasebe!
Guest C: Ah, the name was so long that I remembered it wrongly. (・ω<)
Guest D: Sigh. Going off with your invasions of privacy again…
Guest C: Please, these are just rumors. R U M O R S.
Guest C: Ah, there’s also an employee who’s making a move on a temporary employee…
Ichimiya: *shocked*
Chihaya: *irritated*
Lucy: Was there ever such a rumor…?
Hasebe: Uh, I can’t give you an answer to that.
Ichimiya: Ah, the Marriage Registration counter is at the Family Registration and Resident section on the second floor, counter no. 5…
Guest C: Thank you. May happiness grace you.
Ichimiya: Ha-Haha-Hahaha. *nervous laugh*
Guest D: Why would you say that?
Yachiyo: Ah, found you!
Guest D: Why’re you here?
Yachiyo: I’m so glad to see you! You see, the weather wasn’t very good yesterday, so the laundry didn’t dry very well…
Lucy: Why would she start talking about yesterday?
Chihaya: I’ve a feeling this’ll end up going for a long time…
Yachiyo: And then…
Guest D: The clothes were left to dry as they were, and you panicked and brought them in. As the weather was good this morning.
Yachiyo: That’s right! And then…
Guest D: Since the weather was great, and that today was to be a commemorative day, you thought that you should try your best and come to the ward office, and so left from work .
Yachiyo: That’s right!
Guest D: After you came to the ward office, you couldn’t find the right counter and was wandering about aimlessly. A kind staff called out to you, and you started talking to her about me.
Yachiyo: That’s right! How did you know?
Lucy: As expected of the man who’s going to become her husband. He completely got the gist of the lady’s long conversation.
Guest D: I’m begging you, don’t talk to others about me.
Yachiyo: I’m sorry. I’ll be more careful next time.
Guest C: *sobs* How long did it take for things to progress to this stage? I’m filled with so much emotion!
Guest D: Shut up. *kicks*
Guest C: Ouch, I got kicked!
Yachiyo: Oh, by the way, why are you here?
Guest C: Ah, it’s a coincidence, a coincidence! I just happened to bump into you guys!
Yachiyo: I see! A coincidence, huh?
Guest C: Anyway, it’s great to meet up before you reached the counter! Shall we go?
Guest D: Go home already, you.
Guest C: It’s fine, it’s fine. *turns to Lucy and Chihaya* Ah, thank you very much.
Guest C: *walks away* Ah, I know! After you two are done, let’s take a photo! A commemoration photo!
Guest D: No thanks.
Guest C: Firstly, let’s take a photo before you file the paperwork in, and another one while you’re filing! And then another one after you’re done!
Guest D: Oi, listen to me.
Guest C: Ah, will you take another one outside the ward office?
Guest D: *hits*
Guest C: Ouch!

Hasebe: *thinking* Hmm….
Lucy: What’s the matter, Hasebe?
Hasebe: Even though he got one part of your name wrong, to be able to memorize your name… that annoys me somehow! Lucy, tell me the 65th part of your name!
Lucy: My name isn’t some memorization list! But how did the customer just now know about the section manager and my name?
Hasebe: I-I wonder…
Chihaya: Yamagami.
Lucy: Ah, yes?
Chihaya The counter has been left open for quite a while, so I'll head back first. Can you look for the section manager with Hasebe?
Lucy: I’m fine with that, but Hasebe isn’t really needed…
Hasebe: Don’t say that!
Chihaya: Then, shall we head back, Ichimiya? *glares*
Ichimiya: Uh, yes! I think I’ll head back as well.
Chihaya: Well then, I’ll take my leave.
Ichimiya: Good luck!
Lucy: O-Okay.

Lucy: *walking* I wonder what’s going on with Chihaya.
Hasebe: I can’t give you an answer to that.
Lucy: Oh, Hasebe.
Hasebe: Hmm?
Lucy: Why does Chihaya have her hand on Ichimiya’s back?
Hasebe: Ah, that’s uh…that.

Ichimiya: Ouch, ouch! Stop dragging me!
Chihaya: Why does an ordinary citizen passing by know about our relationship?!
Ichimiya: I have no clue! I didn’t tell anyone!
Chihaya: Is that really the case?
Ichimiya: Yes. My parents, boss, co-workers and friends, I didn’t tell anyone of them!
Chihaya: That’s one thing, but I’m not fully satisfied with sounding like some woman hiding in the shadows! *grabs*
Ichimiya: That hurts!
Chihaya: *sighs* I wonder if Miyoshi has returned to her counter by now.
Ichimiya: Did something happen to her?
Chihaya: Miyoshi got caught in a long conversation with the young bride just now.
Ichimiya: Miyoshi seems to have the destiny of being caught by customers no matter what.
Chihaya: I wonder if she was liberated by that talk, rather than being influenced to join the bride.
Ichimiya: Isn’t that great?
Chihaya: Speak of the devil, Miyoshi’s at the counter.

So that’s the end of Part D of the drama CDs. As some might have already guessed, the guests this time are Satou and Souma, the two chefs in Wagnaria! The conversation this time was rather long (in fact, it’s the longest among all of the parts), but it was quite interesting to translate as well. Especially the part where Souma recited out Lucy’s name, I had to listen to the recitation over and over again to fully transliterate the whole name. Still, it was really quite fun to do it.

Alright, that’s Part D done. 4 more parts to go~

5 thoughts on “Servant x Service Drama CDs: Part D

  1. Pardhu

    Thank you very much for your translation. I really liked them. When are you going to translate the remaining parts?? I’ll look forward to them


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