Mimori’s Suzuko First Album “Suki~” Interview

mimorin_suki Mimorin (Mimori Suzuko)’s first album has been released recently (in fact, just two days ago, on April 2), and I thought I would just translate the interview conducted for the album. It’s been a while since I’ve actually translated an interview, but I hope I’ve got most of the things down correctly. In any case, I hope you enjoy the translated interview!

Firstly, a question about the title of the album “Suki~”. I’ve heard that the title of the album was given by you yourself? Indeed. I thought of using a simple name for the title, and since I myself usually use “~” in place of punctuation, I decided on the name “Suki~”. The title for my photobook is “Mimorin~” too anyway (lol).

TL note: “~” is used to transliterate「っ」for the lack of a better choice. Originally it would represent a short pause, similar to an exclamation of sorts.

I see. In that case, please tell us more about your album as well as its strong points. There are many new songs prepared for the album this time, and some of my requests have been added in as well. There’s “Sweet Home”, a song that’s for the family, there’s “Minna de Yeah☆Oh!”, a song I would like to sing and get excited with the fans about, and then there’s “Koi no Kimochi wa 5%”, a retro-pop song done in Northern European-style… In the end, this is a work that is packed with the music I love and would like to sing!

Through listening to the album, the concept of “The Four Seasons” is expressed, is that right?
Although the tracklist was organized and decided by me, the theme of the album is indeed “The Four Seasons”. I thought about the story of the album as a whole, and even took into account the flow. The first song “Glory!” would be, in anime terms, the teaser, and the last song “Univer Page” would be something like the credits roll (lol).

What is the concept for the artwork (such as the cover art and artist photography) this time round?
That would be elegant yet natural, and also cute, I guess. The singles so far were themed in colors like pink, sky blue and orange, but this time a natural white is used instead, and I like it very much.

The limited edition of the album this time sure is filled with booklets, isn’t it (two booklets, a 48-page special photobook and a 28-page full-color booklet, are attached within)?
These photos aren’t just photos that are taken under the request of the photographer, but are also photos that act as reminiscences of my past year in the music industry. It can be viewed as an album of recollections of sorts, so I really recommend it! Also, you can catch a glimpse of my hair gradually growing longer (lol).

The music videos for “Sweet Home” and “Sunshine Harmony” have been compiled in the BD/DVD specials in the First Edition version, haven’t they?
In “Sunshine Harmony”, I’m playing the role of a vocalist in a girl band. It’s a song about the friendships with the friends whom you spent your youth together with, and for the school festival-like scenes, I have invited my own friends to make an appearance! As a result, it turned out to be a lively and enjoyable video.
“Sweet Home” is the first song in which I had a hand in the lyrics, and the verses are written with the intention of conveying my appreciation to my family. I simply wrote down what I was thinking directly and I even cried after listening to the end product. Photos of me when I was small were also used in the music video, so in that respect I’ve mobilized my family and friends for the music videos (lol).

The album “Suki~”’s release, April 2, just happens to coincide with the 1-year anniversary of your solo debut. What are your thoughts, looking back on this past year?
It seemed to be long, yet short at the same time… it’s a year in which various things have been packed together tightly. As a result of being able to sing as a solo artist, there have been more time and opportunities to take a closer look at myself and to me that is a plus point. I have been concerned and troubled with many things such as the songs I would like to sing, as well as the appearance I would like to show, but at the end it feels like I have been able to get along better with myself.

I see, that has been a wonderful year for you. After the release of the album, your live tour “Daisuki~” has been announced, hasn’t it?
As it is a solo live, I am very nervous but looking forward to it personally. I will work hard to make sure that the live becomes enjoyable for all the fans who come to see me! I want to swing the towel around with everyone during “Minna de Yeah☆Oh!”, so please come prepared for that!

The final performance for the tour, held in Tokyo Dome City Hall on 28 June (Saturday) will also be your birthday. It looks like that is going to be a special live.
This will be the first time being able to celebrate my birthday with this many people since I was born, and I am looking very forward to that!

Well then, please give a final message to everyone.
I’m really glad that the album can be released on the same timing as the milestone of 1 year. “Suki~” is a work that is filled with Mimori Suzuko-ness, so please give the album a listen, have a look at the music videos and come have fun at the live!

Right, so this marks the end of the interview. As mentioned in the interview, Mimorin’s going to hold a solo tour this year, and her birthday (28/6) happens to fall on the date of the final performance! Pretty sure it’ll be a hit, but I’m rather peeved that I won’t be able to go. Even though I share a birthday with Mimorin. Curses. In any case, I hope you’ve enjoyed the interview, and do check out her album if you haven’t. I’m still waiting for my copy to arrive (along with the A3 poster and bromide tokutens), so I’m looking forward to it myself.

The original text can be found here, in Japanese.

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