Servant x Service Drama CDs: Part E


Part E’s finally done! Took me quite a while too, since I was busy catching up with anime. But here it is, and as usual, do try to guess the guest (though it shouldn’t be very difficult to)~

Guest E: How old are you, miss? Might you be interested in becoming my family?
Miyoshi: Uh…
Touko: She isn’t! She’s in the middle of work so don’t bother her with unnecessary things!
Ichimiya+Chihaya: She got trapped again…
Yamada (in the background): Aren’t you also talking to her while she’s in the middle of work, Touko?
Touko (in the background): I’m fine, I’m talking to her about work!
Miyoshi (in the background): Ah, you two, please calm down…
Chihaya: Those three are creating quite the scene, but it looks like there’s another person causing the noise, other than Touko.
Ichimiya: For god’s sake… *walks over*

Ichimiya: Touko, you’re bothering Miyoshi again…
Touko: What!
Guest E: Hi, I’m Yamada.
Touko: Didn’t you just name yourself that a while ago?!
Guest E: I AM Yamada.
Touko: There’s no meaning to repeating that twice, is there?!
Ichimiya: Who might you be?
Guest E: I’m Yamada.
Touko: You’re rather persistent…
Chihaya: Are you okay, Miyoshi?
Miyoshi: The customer just now was going round and round with “my husband this, my husband that”, now it’s “Yamada this, Yamada that”, so… the husband is Yamada, Yamada is the husband…?!
Guest E: E-Eh?! Have I finally become a main character?!
Touko: Shut it, will you!
Ichimiya: T-Touko! Is this your friend?
Touko: No!
Chihaya: But you two are wearing the same uniform…
Touko: I have no idea who she is! I saw her by the back door when I arrived at the ward office.
Guest E: I overheard Touko over here on the way here and—

Touko: *hums to herself* Onii-chan, onii-chan~ I’ll be able to see onii-chan again today~
*flashback ends*

Guest E: —that was what she was singing to herself.
Chihaya: Oh, I see.
Touko: I wasn’t s-s-singing!!
Ichimiya: Have you eaten anything strange, Touko? Though I get that feeling every day.
Touko: Shut up!!
Guest E: I cannot watch and listen to you fighting with your brother! I, the Onii-chan meister, will now diagnose your brother’s “Onii-chan level”!
Miyoshi: “Onii-chan level”?
Guest E: Yes! And because a wonderful lady like you’s here, I’ve been inclined to address you as my own sister, out of habit!
Miyoshi: E-Eh? I’ve almost been recognized as your sister?
Guest E: Yes!
Miyoshi: Even if you answer in such a spirited voice…
Guest E: So, Touko’s brother is this hopeless man over here, is that right?
Chihaya: Yes, indeed.
Ichimiya: What “Yes, indeed”? …Though it’s true.
Miyoshi: You admitted it yourself, huh.
Touko: Hey, he has some hope in him!
Guest E: Hoho, I see, I see. *paces about*
Chihaya: You’ve done it, haven’t you, Ichimiya. You’ve managed to get a highschooler to go round in circles around you.
Ichimiya: Uh, rather than being able to do that—
Guest E: I see it!
Ichimiya: E-Eh?!
Guest E: Touko’s brother’s “Onii-chan level” is… doro doro doro…
Chihaya: Why is she making those sounds all of a sudden?
Miyoshi: Maybe it’s to emulate drumrolls?
Guest E: Tada! 76 points!
Miyoshi: Oh, that’s surprisingly low.
Touko: He should be getting a higher grade, shouldn’t he!
Guest E: Nope, my Onii-chan sensor is very precise. 76 points!
Touko: Uugh…
Chihaya: “76 points,” she says, Ichimiya.
Ichimiya: Yeah. Well, isn’t that a decent score?
Miyoshi: Ah, but considering that the sole purpose of your existence is to be Touko’s brother… That’s a bit too low for that…
Ichimiya: Uh, Miyoshi, about that… Uh, sorry.
Guest E: Ah, he scored pretty high in some other traits, would you like to listen to them for reference?
Touko: What are they?
Guest E: Doro, doro…
Touko: Stop that already!
Guest E: His “harem” trait is… 115 points!
Touko: What’s that?
Yamada: To summarize, it’s a trait which attracts unwanted females.
Touko: HUH?!
Chihaya: “115 points,” she says, Ichimiya.
Ichimiya: Y-Yeah?
Guest E: Please take a look at the situation now. Four women to one Onii-chan! This is something that doesn’t happen very often, a harem!
Miyoshi: Isn’t this just a coincidence?
Touko: Uugh… He’s not particularly popular, is he?
Guest E: That’s not true. Being a civil servant, having a kind aura around him, being seemingly harmless at first glance. He may have been like it when he was a student, but now that he’s a working adult, he’s the popular type! He’s popular with girls!
Touko: Uuuuuugh…
Miyoshi: Hey…
Guest E: You actually like Onii-chan, don’t you, Miss?
Miyoshi: NO. Stop that, that’s impossible, definitely impossible! No thank you, even if the world turns upside down! I honestly understand anyone who dates him!
Chihaya: It certainly seems that way.
Ichimiya: (Sorry.)
Touko: *sobs*
Miyoshi: A-Ah, that’s not it!
Guest E: Could it be that Onii-chan, you have a girlfriend?
Miyoshi: Here’s a question for you!
Guest E: U-Uhhuh.
Miyoshi: *takes out a marker* How do you read this character?
Guest E: Huh, what is this? This is something even a kindergartener can read— Hang on. What’s going on, I can’t read this! I’m curious, what’s the correct answer?
Miyoshi: Would you like me to check it up for you?
Guest E: Hmm…
Chihaya: Touko.
Touko: What is it?
Chihaya: Uh… *takes out some money* Go get some cake with this.
Touko: Huh, why are you giving me pocket money? It’s not like I need it.
Chihaya: Ah no, I just feel like treating you to some cake now.
Touko: I-Is that so? *takes the money* In that case, I’ll treat you to some cake the next time!
Chihaya: Okay, thank you very much.
Touko: Alright! I need to get back and make dinner! Onii—I mean, Aniki, what would you like for dinner?
Ichimiya: I’ll leave it to you…
Touko: Again? Can’t be helped, got it. See you then, Chihaya, Miyoshi.
Guest E: I’ll head home too! *walks away*

Miyoshi: Good work…
Chihaya: Hmm…
Ichimiya: What’s with that girl? In fact, what’s with today?
Miyoshi: Ah, you two… Cheer up!
Chihaya: By the way, Miyoshi, you suddenly gave a quiz just now, what was that about?
Miyoshi: Ah, I just wanted to change the topic, and it so happened that there was paper in my hands… I didn’t expect her to be unable to read this character.
Ichimiya: What character is that?
Miyoshi: Atmosphere.
Ichimiya+Miyoshi+Chihaya: So she was a girl who couldn’t read the mood, eh?

TL note: The kanji character Miyoshi was talking about is 空気, which on its own means “air” or “atmosphere”. However, since the guest was unable to read the kanji, it becomes “空気が読めない” (cannot read the mood).

Guessing the guest should be a piece of cake this time (heck, her name is even mentioned within the dialogue!), it’s none other than Yamada! Quite an interesting (and long) dialogue between her, Touko and the workers in the ward office.

This is probably the longest dialogue within the drama CD, the rest of the parts are pretty short so hopefully I’ll be able to roll them out soon!

3 more parts to go!

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  1. Pardhu

    thank you very much, keep up the good work. if there are any more translations.i’ll look forward to them


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