Servant x Service Drama CDs: Part F


So, about two months after I released Part E, Part F’s ready for release! Finally took out some time from my schedule (weekends are precious!) to do some translations, so here it is~

Touko: For goodness’ sake, because of you, the situation got all messy.
Yamada: Hehe, that’s well said.
Touko: If that’s well said, go and fix it!
Yamada: Touko.
Touko: What is it?
Yamada: Even if your brother’s “Onii-chan level” is pretty low objectively, it’s okay even if he looks like the world’s best brother to you. Brothers are these kind of creatures. *sparkles*
Touko: What’s with this, all of a sudden?
Yamada: Please remember to treat your brother well! I’ll cheer you on as your senior in being a younger sister!
Touko: It’s not like I needed you to remind me! I’ll treat him well, hmph.
Yamada: *chuckles to herself* I infiltrated the school out of interest and got to witness a pair of wonderful siblings. I’m very satisfied. Now, there’re many people with the surname “Yamada” in Japan, the Yamada standing here isn’t necessarily the Yamada you know…
Touko: Speaking of which, what year and class are you in? I’ve never seen you before— H-huh? She’s disappeared…

Sneaky, sneaky Yamada.

So there’s Part F of the drama CDs, there’re no new guests so I didn’t bother to hide the names of the guests. This part’s relatively short (it’s just a bit more than a minute), so it was quite easy to translate.

Part G should have to take quite a while, it’s really quite long. >_<

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