The Wheel of Seiyuu #1: 50 questions for Uchida Aya

Ucchiiii~!  _(:3」∠)

Ucchiiii~! _(:3」∠)

Previously we’ve done #22, from Taneda Risa. This time, we’re going back to #1, from Uchida Aya!

Once again, for those hearing this name for the first time, here’s a bit of background information. She’s a relatively new seiyuu as well, like Taneda Risa. Her most recent main roles include Shinomiya Himawari from Vividred Operation, Nitta Io from Devil Survivor 2 The Animation and Minami Kotori from Love Live! (which everyone should totally watch :>).

Well, enough about her background. Without further ado, let’s begin~

1. Please tell us why you decided to become a seiyuu.
When I was young, I really liked Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon and I wished that I could be like Sailor Moon.

2. What was your first anime role?
It was from the anime Oden-kun. I voiced a character named Ran-chan and I was really happy that I got to voice her again.

3. Within the many roles you have done so far, is there any character which leaves behind a particularly strong impression?
It’s definitely Ascoeur from Kiddy Girl-AND. It was my first time being casted in a regular series, and because I was voicing a main character, I felt both excited and uneasy about it. But, since Ascoeur was an innocent airhead, my uneasiness eventually went away! Voicing Ascoeur turned out to be really fun. She’s a really cute girl, so I love her even up till today♪

4. Please tell us some of the ways in which the characters you are voicing now are similar to yourself.
Right now I’m voicing characters in both Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2199 and Devil Survivor 2 The Animation. In Yamato 2199, I voice the character Misaki Yuria and I feel that I am similar to her in having a firm personality. I can really empathise with how she believes she can do anything even though she just started being the ship’s radio officer.

For Nitta Io in Devil Survivor 2, I’m similar to her in how she is a shy person. But I also see myself in the way she stays true to herself as she grows up. As well as how she puts in her all and does her best.

5. Please tell us one of the scenes which left behind a strong impression while in the middle of recording.
The scene from Strike Witches the Movie involving Hattori Shizuka. I got to meet Kuudo Kankuro whom I admired and I was very nervous during the scene in which Shizuka had to introduce herself. I still treasure the audition manuscript which has this scene very much.

6. Is there a fellow seiyuu who has had a great influence on you?
Ever since I debuted, Ogata Megumi has taken much care of me in many ways as a senior and has been a big influence to me.. I’m really happy to be on good terms with her even after so long.

7. Do you have a fellow seiyuu who you see as a rival or target?
I really look up to Ootani Ikue!

8. What do you think you would have become if you had not become a seiyuu?
I was deciding on enrolling in a school for fashion design, so I’d probably become someone who makes clothes I guess. I think I’d become someone who just makes things.

9. What was the most difficult thing you have done as a seiyuu?
It would be having to perform in the same way as the characters from Love Live!.

To make sure that the performance would be good, we had to work hard on the dance and singing in the character’s voice… It was really difficult and tiring. When I became a seiyuu, I did not expect that I would have to dance, but I’m a much better dancer now. I have confidence that I will be able to beat any of the popular idols to perform at the Love Live! stage! I hope that you will be there to see me♪

10. On the other hand, what is the most enjoyable thing you have done as a seiyuu?
If I had to choose, it would be reading the letters that I received which convey all sorts of thoughts and emotions. Reading them really cheers me up! I’m not too sure how I should feel about the letters, but I feel… amazed by them and really feel grateful for all the letters.

11. Please tell us about a time when you made a mistake during a recording.
It was when I just debuted, during a 『Kiddy Girl-AND』recording when I did something reckless. The staff present as well as the senior seiyuu were gossiping about what happened during the recording and it was really embarrassing when I heard people talking about it.

12. Do you like to sing?
I like singing since way back. Ever becoming a seiyuu, I have been singing mostly in the characters’ voices so I hope that one day I will be able to sing with my own voice!

13. In the radio that you host, were there any submissions that left an impression on you?
I don’t exactly remember the details, but an old acquaintance of mine left a mail and it shocked me when I received it!

14. During an act, is there anything which you take particular note about?
When voicing a character, I try to bring out the character’s charm… !

15. Is there a certain type of character that you are better at voicing?
I don’t usually say “I’m good at this!” But I seem to often get casted as characters that are “The Number 1 Idiot” so I think I’m cut out for this kind of characters. (laughs)

16. Please tell us about your goals and dreams as a seiyuu.
Right now, Chou, whom I am working together with for Yamato 2199, has been always voicing “Won won” a show aimed for kids called Inai Inai Ba!. In the future I want to do work that similarly, would be popular with kids and mothers and bring excitement and cheerfulness to people.

17. What advice would you give to someone who is aiming to be a voice actor?
Do what you like with all you’ve got.

18. Besides the shows you appear in, are there any other anime you watch?
I liked Sailor Moon a lot when I was young. I used to watch Ghibli and Disney works on video tape too, to the point they got damaged.

19. With reference to the above question, is there any roles that you adore or want to voice?
Tsukino Usagi from Sailor Moon, of course! Mei from Ghibli’s Tonari no Totoro! Ariel from Disney’s Little Mermaid! I used to play pretend with lines from the scripts!

20. As a viewer, what anime would you like?
Something calming and would make the viewer smile would be good. Recently I’ve been watching recorded episodes of Shirokuma Cafe. I’ve also been watching Natsume Yuujinchou and I really like Uchi no San Shimai which is really calming.

21. How were you like as a kid?
I was a reserved and timid kid. I used to imagine various things and play make-believe, have conversations with myself and made stuff. In the end, I haven’t changed a bit on the inside. (laughs)

22. Tell us your most favourite book.
Hmm… It is still too early to choose one.

23. Tell us your most favourite manga.
I can’t decide…. There’s a lot I like!

24. Tell us your most favourite game.
I don’t play games to such an extent.

25. Tell us your most favourite music (album, musician, etc).
I listen to a variety of music genres~!

26. What is the most favourite movie in your life?
I hope I get to encounter my life’s favourites in the future.

27. Please tell us your personal motto.
I don’t really have one in particular…

28. Please tell us about your experiences in sports thus far.
If we’re talking about clubs and all, I have done softball, mini basketball and soft tennis before. I’m quite bad at sports but I like it.

29. Please tell us the songs that you usually sing at karaoke.
I often sing old anime songs! Songs such as “Hohoemi no Bakudan” and “Yu Yu Hakusho” are frequently chosen!♪

30. Please tell us about the food you like (multiple answers are allowed).
I love eating, so I guess I wouldn’t be able to write all of them down here~! I love vegetables! I love meat! I love dessert! I’ve listed down most of the food I like! (laughs)

31. Please tell us about the food that you dislike (multiple answers are allowed).

32. Please tell us about the shops that you frequent.
Cafes, clothes shops and general stores♪

33. Do you have any favorite snacks?
I like rice crackers, potato chips and rusk! I like food with crispy and crunchy texture~♪

34. Do you drink alcohol? If so, what are your favorite varieties?
I think I can hold my liquor! I like beer and red wine♪

35. What did you do on your latest day-off?
I went back home and went to IKEA with my family!

36. If you had a weeklong break, what would you do?
I would like to go on a trip~♪

37. Do you have a hobby you’ve been hooked on lately?
Recently, I’ve been hooked onto Thai food, so I prepare that at home when I have the time. Green curry, Massaman curry, Yamunsen and raw spring rolls are some of the dishes I’ve prepared recently♪

38. Please tell us about the qualifications that you possess.
A normal license (in driving).

39. What are the things you would like to challenge yourself to do over the next 10 years?
10 years, huh… Regarding work, I’d like to take part in musicals, musical activities (I want to be in a band!!) and live concerts! Also, I’d like to try on some lolita dresses♪ I’d like to come up with some production while cosplaying as the characters I have voiced as thus far!!

40. What type of men do you like (for example, with respect to their physical appearances or personality, or with respect to their career)?
I like men with respectable traits. Men with a unique aura around them.

41. Which part of the opposite gender’s body catches your eye the most?
The Adam’s apple!

42. Out of the things that you have bought recently, please tell us the most expensive one.
A bicycle…is what I intend to buy!

43. What do you want the most now?
I want an environment where I can raise a rabbit!

44. If you were stuck on a deserted island and could only bring one item, what would you bring along?
If it’s on a deserted island I could raise pets so… A rabbit!

45. If you could spend 1 million yen freely how would you spend it?
I’d travel overseas with my family! I’d like to go to Hawaii or one of the southern islands~!

46. Do you normally use Twitter? How often do you use it?
Yes, I do! As for the frequency, hmm, it depends on the timing so…it varies (laughs). I’ve never been away from Twitter without tweeting for more than two days, I think.

47. Please tell us about the websites you’d definitely take a look at every day.
I check the train transfers information practically everyday.

48. Please say a few words to your fans.
Thank you very much for always supporting me! As a seiyuu, I’ll work towards becoming someone who can express herself better. Futhermore, it’d be great if I could continue to share more fun things with everyone♪♪ I look forward to working with everyone♪♪

49. Please tell us about the seiyuu whom you are close with.
There aren’t really any…… (laughs) I’m not very good at making friends. The people I worked together with in Vividred Operation were all friendly and cute though, so I love them♪♪ In that case, Murakawa Rie!

50. Please leave behind a question for Murakawa Rie.
If you could transform for just a day, what would you transform into?

And that’s the end of the interview! It certainly has been an interesting interview to read and translate! The original source for the interview can be found here.

The next seiyuu to be interviewed (#2) is Murakawa Rie by order, but since it seems that Touyama Nao’s (#23) interview has been released quite some time ago (oops, we took too long for this one), we’ll go with #23 first and then get back afterwards.

Really can’t wait to read Naobou’s interview!

7 thoughts on “The Wheel of Seiyuu #1: 50 questions for Uchida Aya

  1. Touma Kamijo

    Hi! Thank you very much for this 1-on-1 interview withb Aya-chan. I only discovered this interview while googling photos of her fellow Love Live seiyuu Mimorin. She may not be as popular as seiyuu Mimorin & Pile-chan, but I will always support her & continue listening to her songs as long as being her seiyuu career soars on. I’m planning to buy 1st album someday.

    Once again, arigatou gozaimasu! \m/

    1. thatredsky Post author

      I’m glad you liked it. She’s getting more and more recognized these days (a big part due to being in Love Live!), so I can only hope she gets more and more roles in anime~

  2. Tsuna Lu

    Excuse me…Can we translate this interview to Chinese,and post on our Facebook Fanpage called”Lovelive!”?
    It is a Non-official fanpage for Every LoveLiver who lives in Taiwan~


    1. thatredsky Post author

      Sure! I’d be more than happy to see these interviews being translated in other languages!

      If you need any help in translating (such as understanding the nuances, etc.), do feel free to contact me!


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