Uchida Aya 1st FULL ALBUM “Applemint” Preview


Remember the previous post on Uchida Aya’s 50-question interview? Well, it looks like this next post’s going to be about Ucchi once again, with more details regarding her new album coming up.

Looks like the album’s going to be released on November 12 this year, with a total of 11 songs (coincidentally, that date happens to be exactly two months after Kotori’s birthday). Two versions will be released, with the normal CD version going for 2778 yen before tax, and the limited edition CD+Blu-Ray version going for 3685 yen before tax.

As usual, there’re store bonuses involved (which means huge damages to wallets for some of you out there), which are briefly listed below:

Animate: Ticket folder & Random bromide of three varieties
Toranoana: Clear file & Bromide 
Gamers: A2 poster & Bromide
Tower Records: Postcard
HMV: Card-sized calendar (From January – March 2015)
Softmap: Postcard
Neowing:  Bromide
7Net Shopping: Bromide

No pictures for any of the store bonuses have been released as of yet, but just from the list alone it looks like the bonuses from the big 3 shops (Animate, Toranoana and Gamers) are better. I personally do want another A2 Ucchi poster!

In addition to the store bonuses, there’re going to be events commemorating the release of the album. The first one’ll be held on November 1 at a location later to be announced, and the second one’ll be held on November 11 at the fountain plaza at Sunshine City, Ikebukuro. Looks like the application for entrance is by means of lottery, and the only way to get the application ticket is to pre-order the album. 

Also, the official website for the album has been opened, it can be found here. Along with that, we’ve been gifted with previews to five songs. 

Really quite excited for the album thus far. I might really just take the plunge and pre-order the album. 

And the icing on the cake?

This really glorious 1:34 preview of the PV for Applemint, which will be included in the CD+Blu-Ray LE version.

Oh man, I have never wanted to be an apple or bubble-blowing straw any more than now.

6 thoughts on “Uchida Aya 1st FULL ALBUM “Applemint” Preview

  1. Denny Sinnoh

    Looks like it will be a great video when the full version is released.
    That photo with the light green dress with blue dots (above) is so cute I CAN’T STAND IT!!! … and that’s good.

  2. Touma Kamijo

    Emi Nitta, Aya Uchida, Pile & Iida Riho(4to6) released their new albums at d same time. (Outside LOVE LIVE.) Man, all of their latest singles sounds the same, but still so kawaii. Well, that’s idol music. <3

      1. Touma Kamijo

        While waiting for their 5th LOVE LIVE concert on Jan.2015, they are too busy in their individual careers. The only new song that different from the rest is Sora Tokui’s “Natsuiro Fighting!!”.

        If ever Sora-chan would be given an opportunity to have a solo album someday, I wish she could sing on her actual voice. Not on her seiyuu voice. :-)

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