The Wheel of Seiyuu #2: 50 questions for Murakawa Rie


It’s been a while since the last translation for our 50-question series of interview for female seiyuu, hasn’t it! Previously it was Touyama Nao, this time it’s going to be #2, Murakawa Rie!

She may not have had many main roles thus far, but her vocal range is nothing short of impressive. She’s voiced characters of various personalities ranging from cute, bubbly girls such as Escha Malier from Atelier Escha & Logy, to princess-like girls such as Futaba Aoi from Vividred Operation and Ichijou Hotaru from Non Non Biyori.

She also is nicknamed “Rieshon” (which will be used henceforth to refer to her). It’s a portmanteau of “Rie”, which refers to her name, and “shon”, which refers to passion, reaction and tension (“sion” is pronounced as “shon” in Japanese).

Without further ado, let’s begin on the interview~

1. Please tell us the reason you became a seiyuu.
When I was watching HUNTERxHUNTER, I was thinking, “I want to be Gon! I want to meet Kirua and Kurapika! What should I do~~~?! I got it! I just need to become a seiyuu~!”. And that’s my reason for becoming a seiyuu!

2. What was your debut anime?

3. Of all the characters that you have voiced, is there a character who has left a strong impression on you?
All the characters have left a strong impression on me! Coco, from FAIRY TAIL, was my debut role, and she was the first non-mob (non-minor) character I voiced. The way she genuinely cared for her comrades was really cute. Futaba Aoi from Vividred Operation was a character whose quiet, lady-like demeanour was the complete opposite of mine (laughs). But thanks to her people got to know about me and I’m really thankful to her for that! Finally, Escha Malier-chan, from Atelier Escha & Logy, is a very cheerful and cute character who always tries her best, and for me I felt really happy because I was able to be involved in the production of a game from my favourite Atelier series and even voice a main character so I’m also really thankful for Escha! I’m really grateful to all the other characters and I love them all!

4. Among all the characters that you have voiced, please tell us about the similarities that you share with them.
For FAIRY TAIL’s Coco, I guess it’s the way she likes to run all over the place! Ah, in my case I’m often told that I can’t keep still (laughs)!

For Vividred Operation’s Futaba Aoi-chan, I guess it’s that we’re both rather playful! And also, we both work really hard! Just kidding~!

For Atelier Escha & Logy’s Escha, I think we’re very similar! “Alright, I’m going to do my best~!” is a line that both Escha and I like to say a lot! I guess we both think the same way! The way Escha pouts whenever Logy treats her like a kid is something I found really adorable~♪ During recordings, I kept thinking, “Ahh, I wish I was Escha!” (laughs)

Finally, for IDOLM@STER Million Live!’s Matsuda Arisa, I feel that we’re both really hyper! Her voice is really similar to my actual voice and I think we look somewhat alike! But I can’t research on idols as well as she does ><! (laughs)

5. Please tell us one of the scenes which left behind a strong impression while in the middle of recording.
Ehh~~! I can’t choose just one~~~!

But, but, regardless of any character, emotional scenes that make you want to cry really leave a deep impression. I guess such scenes really hit home with me.

Also fight scenes! Ah, I said two instead! Sorry!

6. Is there any fellow seiyuu who has influenced you a lot?
Someone who has influenced me…… Hmm~ The meaning might be different but if I hadn’t managed to meet Kaida Yuki through anime, I may not have chosen this path as a seiyuu.

7. Is there a seiyuu who you look up to as a rival or target?
I respect everyone from the various works and divisions! I want to expand my activities through multimedia as well!

8. What do you think you would have been if you had not become a seiyuu?
Hmmmmmmm, a bride~! Just kidding!

9. What has been the toughest part about becoming a seiyuu?
It has definitely got to be taking care of your own health! Also, as the lifestyle (of a seiyuu) can be pretty irregular, as a girl (laughs), I become particular about the maintenance of my skin! I’ve been taking collagen drinks quite often these days (laughs)!

10. On the other hand, what has been the most satisfying part about being a seiyuu?
It has always been my dream to be able to make a character come alive through my voice, so that makes me really happy! Also, when I receive opinions about the anime I’ve worked on through fan letters, my blog and Twitter, it becomes a great source of motivation and spurs me to do better! I’m very grateful for that! I cry whenever I read the messages that I received from everyone (laughs). Of course, those are tears of joy!

11. Please tell us about a time you made a mistake in the recording studio.
There was once I forgot that I had placed my pen on my lap, and I had to stand up and look for it (laughs). Also, there’re many times where I knocked over the things placed by my feet (like my bottle of water, etc.), so the person next to me had to put it back up for me… (laughs)

12. Do you like to sing?
I love singing a lot! I sing everyday even at home! I like singing about as much as voice acting; I’ve been singing since a long time ago!

13. In the radio that you host, were there any submissions that left an impression on you?
Everything! I’m very happy to be able to receive fan letters and such, especially on my own radio, where there’s only me! Ah, I only realized this the other day at the radio programme for Valkyria Chronicles but, I was told that after listening to how spirited I am on the radio, the listeners try to match that level of spiritedness in their next letters (laughs)!

14. During an act, is there anything you take particular note about?
I try to take extra care in portraying the human aspect of the character. I want to grasp the way the character speaks and responds. Even though it’s supposed to be an ad-lib, I want to walk in the shoes of the character, as if that character actually existed.

Also, inspiration, or should I say sensory perception or intuition, are all things I take note of! I tend to become one with the character I’m voicing, so when the character gets praised it feels as if I’m the one being praised. That leaves me embarrassed and unable to speak during audio commentaries (laughs).

15. Is there a certain type of character that you are better at voicing?
I think energetic characters are probably easier to voice! Also, I personally prefer comedic roles! I can voice them without any constraints whatsoever! I want to voice them (laughs)!!!!!! Voicing graceful princess-type characters like Aoi (from Vividred Operation) has also given me the confidence to voice that type of characters!

16. Please tell us about your goals and dreams as a seiyuu.
I want to do many roles in anime and games from now on! From cool battle-themed to school-themed and then to gags! I like gag anime a lot, so I want to be involved in them! Also, not forgetting the magical girl genre, in particular Sailor Moon, which I adore! Doing the opening, ending and insert theme songs for anime is also another one of my dreams!

17. What advice would you give to someone who’s aiming to be a voice actor?
I think everything will turn out fine as long as you remember your original passion in wanting to become a seiyuu! I look forward to be able to voice characters together with you! I’ll work hard myself too!

18. Besides the shows you appear in, are there any other anime you frequently watch?
Like Uchida Aya, I too am a big fan of Sailor Moon, I’ve been watching it for as long as I can remember! I have lots of toys and dolls from Sailor Moon, so I often play around with them! I also like Magic Knight Rayearth and Shaman King! And then there’s Gag Manga Biyori!!!! I really love that!!! Of course, I love the works I’ve just mentioned, but Gag Manga Biyori’s a cut above the rest (of the gag anime)! I’ve also watched the more recent anime such as Natsuyuki Rendezvous, Zetsuen no Tempest, K, Kuroko’s Basketball, Total Eclipse and Jormungand!

19. With reference to the question above, are there any roles you adore or want to voice?
I adore Usagi-chan from Sailor Moon a lot!!! I think Chibiusa would be good too! I also want to speak to Pegasus! Hotaru-chan, too! She’s very cute!!! If it’s (Magic Knight) Rayearth, I want to voice Hikaru-chan! If it’s Shaman King, Anna! I also want to make voice someone from Gag Manga Biyori! I’ve been practicing (?) by reading the manga by myself! I’ve read it so many times that I can practically remember all the lines and deliver them smoothly! Also, as I was in the basketball club in middle school, I want to voice someone from from Kuroko’s Basketball too! Someone like the manager!

20. As a viewer, what kind of anime would you like?
It has got to be battle-oriented anime! They make my chest burn! And then there’re over-the-top gag anime!

21. How were you like as a kid?
I was a tomboy when I was small, and that’s something which hasn’t changed much ever since (laughs)! If I had to pick something that’s changed, it’d be that I used to play outdoors very often! I’d be at a park or at a place near my home playing tag with everyone, regardless of gender!

22. Please tell us about your favorite book (including manga).
I like Sakamoto Desu ga?, it’s very interesting! I’d often laugh out loud while reading it! I look forward to the release of the second volume! I love HUNTERxHUNTER too! I also like books on divination!

23. Please tell us about your favorite game.
I like the Final Fantasy series as well as the Musou series. I also like Kingdom Hearts, Pop’n Music and Suikoden!!!

24. Please tell us about your favorite music (album, musicians, etc).
I really like L’Arc~en~Ciel!!! I also like GLAY, Utada Hikari, aiko, ELLEGARDEN, Sheena Ringo, YUKI and BUMP OF CHICKEN! There’re still many artists which I like, but recently I’ve also taken a liking to ONE OK ROCK!

25. Please tell us about your favorite movie.
I like the Toy Story series!! I always get moved and end up crying, no matter how many times I watch it! Harry Potter is another series I often watch at the cinema! I also like movies from Disney and Studio Ghibli!

26. Please tell us your personal motto.
I’m not sure if you can call it a motto but, “Don’t forget your original aim” and “Always stay compassionate”!

27. Please tell us about your experiences in sports thus far.
The sport which I had really went out for was basketball, during my middle school days, for a period of three years. I liked sports in general! I was a fast sprinter! I came in first in the 50m race when I was in middle school♪

28. Please tell us about the songs you usually sing at karaoke.
I often sing songs from L’Arc~en~Ciel! I sing anisongs too, and also songs from the artists whom I mentioned earlier that I like! I like Vocaloid songs as well so I secretly (?) sing them too!

29. Please tell us about the food you like (multiple answers are allowed).
Unagi, strawberry, apple pear, salmon roe, ramen, omurice with demi-glace sauce, hamburger, eggplant tempura, ebi tempura don (rice bowl with ebi tempura on it), soba with grated yam, sweet curry, fried rice, kiwi, Kyoho grapes… Whoa, there’re still lots more!~

30. Please tell us about the food you dislike (multiple answers are allowed).
I’m quite a picky eater… I’m not very good with anko (red bean paste), wasabi, mizuna (a kind of Japanese mustard) and bitter things… I’m especially bad with innards >_< I’m ruining my life…… (laughs)

31. Please tell us about the shops you frequent.
I often go to clothes shops! I also frequent accessory shops and general stores! I like window-shopping for stationery and electrical appliances too! Ah but if that’s the case, I like to go to furniture stores too!

32. Do you have any favorite snacks?
Yes, I have lots of them~! I love snacks with chocolate! Stuff like Takenoko no Sato (a chocolate-flavored snack, from meiji), Koala no March (a snack with chocolate fillings, from Lotte), galbo (yet another chocolate snack, from meiji) and Alfort (a chocolate snack, from Bourbon)~! I like the potato butter-flavored Jagarico (a potato stick snack, from Calbee) too! That one’s the best! Jaga Pokkuru (yet another potato stick snack, from Calbee)’s the best too!!! I love potato chips too, those with flavors like seaweed and salt. Ah, and also Kyushu soy sauce-flavored (?) potato chips! I’ve recently taken a liking to the flavor of potato♪

33. Do you drink alcohol? If so, what are your favorite varieties?
I don’t really drink that much~ The art of drinking (alcohol) still hasn’t taken root in me (laughs). Even when I do drink, my taste is like that of a child, so I can only take sweet cocktails…… I want to be able to drink beer!

34. What did you do on your latest day off?
I slept! And then I did some work, and went to watch some lives♪

35. If you had a weeklong break, what would you do?
Hmm, I’d watch the drama and variety shows I’ve recorded, sleep, play games, go shopping, clean up the house, read manga and go out with friends~! As for a vacation, hmm, I’d like to go after some more planning!

36. Do you have a hobby you’ve been hooked on to lately?
Recently, I’ve been going to cafes alone. I like drinking my favorite chocolate latte♪ In the past, I didn’t have the courage to enter cafes so I didn’t go very often……(laughs). I like chocolate latte so much I think it’s a hobby in itself……I wonder if that’s a bit impossible (laughs)??

37. Please tell us about the qualifications that you possess.
Actually, I have a Kanji Kentei 2nd Grade certificate!

38. What are the things you would like to challenge yourself to do over the next 10 years?
I’d of course like to be casted in many anime and games. I’d also like to sing, and it’d be good if I could release a CD. I want to do a musical too! I think it’d be good if I could do things like narration in the future!

39. What type of men do you like?
A kind and gentle guy would be good! Sympathy for others is the most important thing (laughs). Also, someone who shares my sense of humor would be nice!

40. Which part of the opposite gender’s body catches your eye the most?
I’ve recently taken an interest in slender and macho guys! Even if they are not that muscular, when they do things like holding me tight when I’m about to fall just make me go “Ah, this guy’s so manly♪”! Ah, I’ve subconsciously fallen into a delusion! But I’d really like to be helped this way! (?)

41. Out of the things you have bought recently, please tell us the most expensive one.
Eeeeeeeh~~~~~??? That’s a secret~~~♪ Hehehe~~♪ Ah, it’s nothing that special (laughs)!

42. What do you want the most right now?
I want a studio (laughs)! One that’s fully soundproof and complete with a computer and printer! If there’s a refrigerator there I can have some of my meals there as well! I’d like a perfect room like that! A space where I can immerse myself in voice acting would be great♪

If we’re on a more realistic note (?), I’d want a PSVita! I’m really envious of the people who managed to get a unit at launch (laughs)!

43. If you were stuck on a deserted island and could only bring one item, what would you bring along?
Eeeeh~~~~~! What should I bring~~~~!? Ummm~~, water! I grow thirsty really easily!

44. If you could spend 1 million yen freely, how would you spend it?
How should I spend it~~~~~??!! Uh, I’d like to use the money to be filial to my parents! I’d like to repay them for constantly causing them trouble! Ah but I’d also like to save a bit of that money (laughs)!

45. Do you normally use Twitter? How often do you use it?
I use it quite a lot (if I might say so myself!)~! I definitely tweet at least once a day♪…… probably! 

46. Please tell us about the websites you definitely take a look at everyday.
Twitter and… probably news sites!

47. Please say something for your fans.
I’m sorry for always sounding so high-tension and being unable to properly wrap up my comments, but I’ll continue to work hard! If you’re okay with someone like me, it’d please me very much to have your everlasting support! Please continue to support me!!!

48. (A question from Uchida Aya) If you could transform for just a day, what would you transform into?
I would want to transform into a sorcerer! And then I’ll do all sorts of magic like soaring through the skies and healing people of their scars! If I have the chance I’d also like to summon a familiar!!!

49. Please tell us about the other seiyuu that you are close to.
I’m good friends with Sakura Ayane, she always goes with me for meals after recording and hangs out with me, we even have matching nail art♪ I’m also close to Arakawa Miho and the reporters who appears with me in Nitengo Jigen TV! Also, there is Uchida Aya, whom I want to be good friends with (although that is one-sided)! That is why I’m very happy to hear that she’s introduced me previously, ehehe! And then there is Komatsu Mikako, Nanjo Yoshino… There are still a lot of people whom I secretly would like to be friends with (laughs). More than half a day has passed since the interview started, so I will pass the baton to Nanjolno to continue the next time round!

50. Please leave a question behind for the next seiyuu guest (Nanjo Yoshino).
Even though I’m always so high-tension and not very good at finishing my sentences, if it’s okay with you, will you continue to look after me?

With that, we have come to the end of Rieshon’s 50-question interview! It’s been quite a long interview, Rieshon really takes the effort to answer every question as specifically as she can, and that’s something I really appreciate (even though it means having to translate a lot more text ww)! Rieshon might come off as really hyper (too hyper, perhaps w), but she’s really energetic and that makes the atmosphere around her much lighter during events! To the readers, I hope you’ve enjoyed this interview, and please support Rieshon! o/

As usual, the translations have gone through a few rounds of proofreading, but if there’re any mistakes, do let me know, either through the comments or via mail! The source for the interview can be found here.

Sorry for the long delay since the last interview translation. The next interview to be translated will be #3, Nanri Yuuka’s, and it’s almost ready! Do look forward to it!

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