Updates 13/6

Himouto! Umaru-chan - 12.mkv_snapshot_00.16_[2016.06.13_00.38.23]Okay, so I’ve been away for a little more than half a year, and while I was indeed pretty busy at a point of time, I guess there’s really no excuse for being lazy, not having any motivation to do translations and neglecting this blog.

So I thought I might do a small post of updates to let my readers (I hope there’re still some left! ;A;) know that no, this blog isn’t dead, and also as a sort of reminder to myself. Time to get cracking.

Projects on hand right now:
Honey Come lyrics TL
High Touch☆Memory lyrics TL
High Touch☆Memory natalie.mu interview TL

Yup, so these are pretty much what I’ve started right now. The lyrics translations are more or less, so I guess I’ll roll them out these few days after I finish some last TL checks. As for the interview TL…I’ll need a bit more time on that ):

I’m also going to start cleaning up the seiyuu birthday database, I realized that I’ve left out quite a number of seiyuu (I have yet to update that for quite some time already :/).

Okay, so that’s pretty much it for now. Hopefully I can get motivated enough to finish that interview TL… >_<


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