I’m only a certain normal (ex-)highschooler. There’s nothing special about me.

Still, I’ll do a self introduction, ’cause this blog’ll feel empty without it.

About me

I’m a 19-year old (ex-)highschooler, living in a wonderful country called Singapore . I go by KiRIN on most social media, that’s my nickname. I’m an avid anime fan, in case you can’t tell from my posts. I can speak English, Chinese and Japanese. My Japanese proficiency isn’t that great though. I like J-Pop as well, and my favorite artist is sphere.

I’m kinda obsessed with seiyuu as well, and I’ll watch almost any anime with Aki Toyosaki in it, just because she’s my favorite seiyuu. Other seiyuus I like include Ayana Taketatsu, Eri Kitamura, Haruka Tomatsu, Hiroshi Kamiya, Jun Fukuyama, Kana Asumi, Kana Hanazawa, Kanae Ito, Nao Toyama, Sugita Tomokazu, and the list goes on and on (Actually, I like seiyuu in general, so yeah. ^^).

Putting my anime/manga hobbies aside, I enjoy sports (yes, I’m not a stereotypical fat otaku that the media would like you to believe so) and recently I’ve taken an interest to photography. I hope to be able to take some good photos when I visit various places and experience the events there.

I post under the alias “thatredsky”. It’s an alias I created a few years ago. I like red a lot, so I wanted my alias to include something like that. The rest…is just something I thought about on the spot. It sounded pretty cool to me at that time, so it’s stuck on since.

I have a Twitter account, which can be found here.

About this blog

I created this blog back in 2008, when I was introduced into the concept of blogging from my friends. Initially it was just a medium for me to post my daily life and what I went through each day.

That is, until I started watching anime in 2009. Yes, it was a little late to start, but better late than never. I was inspired to start an anime blog, and then I co-authored one with my friend. However, it didn’t really last long due to lack of interest and my laziness to write.

This hiatus of mine lasted until Spring 2011. I was inspired to blog about anime once more and so here I am, blogging about anime. I still write posts about my life, but not as frequent as before.

And now, since I’ve graduated from high school and don’t have as much time as before, I’m back to hiatus. I deal more with translations and reports nowadays, and less about the anime reviewing part. But don’t be mistaken, I still love anime.

About the name of the blog, it is one I conceived after watching Angel Beats!. The opening was titled “My Soul, Your Beats”. I thought it was a pretty interesting title and changed it to “My Story, Your Beats”. The idea behind it is that it’s “my story”, and “your beats”, as in, your thoughts about it.




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