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Dog Days’ – 12

No way, no way. wwwwwww

So yeah, the three nations switch heroes for the day.

The main event, though, is Couvre, Noire and Rico being stuck in the underground library.

Luckily, Shinku and Becky go over to save them. We got to see Becky’s adult self! :D

That’s about it for the episode. Next episode’s probably the last episode, let’s see how they end this series~

Dog Days’ – 11

Oh look, body swap this episode.

Shinku gets Yukikaze’s body. Mmhm, lucky bastard.

Apparently Shinku (in Yukikaze’s body) can use Rasenshuriken lololol.

Next episode is the final one! Really, I thought this episode would feature more of the warring side of Union Fest. Turned out that the second and third days of Union Fest were just normal competitions. Oh well.

Dog Days’ – 09

Ahaha, Rico reads Eclair like the back of her hand.

We have some drama between Eclair and Rico this week, with the two arguing (somewhat) because Eclair refuses to admit her feelings for Shinku (curses, Shinku you lucky bastard).

Well, it all got resolved with the help of Leonmitchelli, lol.

Next episode, Millihiore’ll be pit against Rebecca and Couvre!