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Madoka Magica postponed indefinitely

According to the official website, the TV airing and the online streaming of Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica were announced to be suspended for an indefinite period. The releases of the Blu-ray and the DVD were postponed for one month. The fifth volume will be released on August 24th, but the release date of the sixth volume, which contains the episodes 11 and 12, hasn’t been announced yet.

According to the official twitter, the producers will keep on working hard to air the remaining two episodes by the end of April.

Urobuchi Gen posted on his twitter that he was sorry for betraying people’s anticipation, which was originated from Urobuchi’s optimistic comments. He said it had been so painful for these ten days that he couldn’t stand without believing a good outcome.

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As taken from MyAnimeList here.

Kinda disappointed that I wouldn’t have any more Madoka for…the rest of the month. But oh wells, I still have Infinite Stratos to tide me over for Winter and other nice anime in Spring 2011!

Expect an Infinite Stratos post sometime tomorrow or on Friday! :D