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Servant x Service Drama CDs: Part D


I haven’t been able to continue with this project for quite some time due to many commitments on my side, but I recently had some free time, so I thought I might release the next translated part of the drama CDs.

This time round, there’s not only one guest, but two of them. Do give a try at guessing their identities~

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Servant x Service – 13

Servant x Service - 13_01

Servant x Service - 13_02

Servant x Service - 13_03

…Poor Hasebe.

Servant x Service - 13_04

Servant x Service - 13_05

But Lucy forgives him anyway.

Dammit Lucy, dammit. Why so you cute.

Servant x Service - 13_06

Servant x Service - 13_07

Hasebe gets rejected even in the last episode.

But at least that was a glimmer of hope for him. :>

And the series comes to an end, more or less.

It was great watching Servant x Service. Provided me with quite a bit of entertainment this season (last season, actually). This series really reminded me of Working!! (since they’re written by the same author), and it was rather enjoyable too. The cast’s great, too. Aki Toyosaki handles the deadpan voice very well, while Kayano Ai’s voicing as a dojikko was quite well-done as well. And I still can’t forget Koyama Rikiya’s voicing of the rabbit section manager ww

Did I mention how amazing the OP was? I thought that the arrangement was nothing less of wonderful, the synths are really beautiful.

Speaking of Working!!, there’s a crossover with Servant x Service in the drama CD included with the Blu-Rays. I think I might translate those, since it looks quite interesting.

Alright, time to wrap up Summer and start on Fall.