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UN-GO – 10

More explosions. Kaishou seems to like to blow things up.

Kaishou has presumably used Bettenou to create the illusion of him being killed in order to escape. I don’t think things look as simple as that, though.

Also, the novelist is back to provide Shinjurou with information. Hurr, he’s powerless without Bettenou. And still looks weird with his two pigtails.

Next episode:

Next week: possibly the ending to this series. Interested to see how Shinjurou solves the mystery behind Kaishou.

And I still can’t fully grasp how Bettenou’s powers work.

UN-GO – 09

And you got the “BOOM!” you wanted, congratulations~

Now Kaishou’s being suspected of attacking the studio. Welp.

Uh oh, Bettenou appearing in front of Inga. This can’t be good.

In the end it seems that Kaishou was using Bettenou to create the effect of him being in the studio. Oho.

Next episode:

Another trick pulled off by Kaishou and Bettenou?

UN-GO – 07

Megane-kun with a glowing loli behind him. This can’t be good.

Shinjurou gets into some sort of alternate dimension where he’s part of a movie making crew. Apparently he has no recollection of his true self. Oho, so that’s what “Daydream” meant, eh?

Oh, and he’s now being suspected of killing the director. Welp.

Meanwhile Megane-kun’s laughing hysterically in his cell.

Shinjurou’s in a pinch. Now what? We wait for UN-GO 08!

UN-GO – 05

Inga does not like the taste of your soul.

Nothing much this episode, with the mystery as usual. Was kinda surprised when they just concluded the mystery halfway through. And then Shinjurou got upset for a reason I can’t really comprehend. *shrug*

The only interesting parts was the conversation between Shinjurou and Kazamori when parts of Shinjurou’s meeting with Inga was revealed. More to be revealed in the movie Inga-ron.

Oh oh, and there’s this.

Yes yes yes Kazamori’s amazingly cute for an artificial intelligence unit~

Shinjurou then comes out from his “slump” and explains everything so that the viewers don’t get confused too badly and start flaming the show. I’m sure they’re already doing that, though.

Next episode:

UN-GO too simple? wwww

Not in the least hohoho.