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Vividred Radio Operation 08: Summary

Vividred Radio Operation

This is the eighth broadcast! Looks like this broadcast will feature some sort of birthday celebration for Ayaneru~
I thought that the previous summaries were pretty wordy and long (and time-consuming as a result), so I thought I might make subsequent ones less wordy.

Let’s see how this one turns out.

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Vividred Operation – 09

Vividred Operation - 09_01

Vividred Operation - 09_02

Vividred Operation - 09_03

Vividred Operation - 09_04

Well, who wouldn’t scout Himawari as a model?

Vividred Operation - 09_05

Mainly a character development episode this time, focusing on the friendship between Wakaba and Himawari. I really like the dynamics between these two, they’re really interesting characters.

And also because Himawari is really, really cute.

Vividred Operation - 09_06

VividBlue reappears for this week’s episode! As much as that gigantic hammer looks cool, I think I still prefer VividGreen’s massive sword or VividYellow’s beam cannon.

Also, I think the next episode’ll be on Rei. Not sure really, since I didn’t watch the preview.

Vividred Operation – 08

Vividred Operation - 08_01

Vividred Operation - 08_02

Remember that cool-looking Alone from last episode? Yeah, apparently it made an ugly cocoon around itself and evolved into an even-uglier Alone. Ew.

Vividred Operation - 08_03

So yes, the girls work together to take down the Alone. It seems that Akane’s will to take down the Alone helped to push Aoi to deliver the finishing blow on the Alone. I have no freaking idea how that works.

Looks like the arc’s over. Meh, doesn’t feel that satisfying for some reason.

But hey.

Next episode looks like it’ll be on Himawari doing a photo shoot as a model.

A hikikomori doing a photo shoot. Damn, how moe is that?!