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Infinite Stratos 2 – 07

Infinite Stratos 2 - 07

Mimorin’s character キタ━━━━(°Д°)━━━━!!!!

I was quite surprised when I found out that Mimorin was voicing Kanzashi, the voice is quite different from the ones in her other roles.

Then again, maybe it’s ’cause I’m too used to hearing Miusel from Outbreak Company this season, ehehehe.

On a separate note, the episode felt a bit messy to me. I’m guessing this is probably a filler episode intended to introduce Kanzashi into the plot (or harem, depending on which way you see it), but I would’ve preferred something that was more than just the girls hitting on Ichika like they always do. I do hope that they expand the part about Madoka as well, seeing that they established Phantom Task as the antagonist pretty early in the series.

In any case, I look forward to hearing more from Mimorin as Kanzashi, it’s quite nice to hear Mimorin voice a quiet girl for a change.

Though I have to say, Miusel still takes it all away. ;D

Monogatari Second Series – 18

Monogatari Series Second Season - 18_01

Monogatari Series Second Season - 18_02

Monogatari Series Second Season - 18_03

Monogatari Series Second Season - 18_04

Aw, never knew Shinobu’s past was so sad.

This episode’s mainly a flashback involving Shinobu’s past and her first servant, nothing much really. At the end of it, we still have no freaking idea what’s that thing which’s chasing Koyomi and Mayoi really is. :/

Though hey, the story was pretty interesting. And tragic. D:

I really need to wrap this series up quickly.

Servant x Service Drama CDs: Part D


I haven’t been able to continue with this project for quite some time due to many commitments on my side, but I recently had some free time, so I thought I might release the next translated part of the drama CDs.

This time round, there’s not only one guest, but two of them. Do give a try at guessing their identities~

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