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That translation project: High Touch☆Memory

High Touch Memory

Last week I did a song translation for Honey♥Come!!. This week, I bring to everyone the song translation for ChanYui’s latest single, High Touch☆Memory! I was doing up the translation for Honey♥Come!! and thought it’d be good to translate her latest single as well. Again, as with Honey♥Come!!, I hope that this song translation can become a good reference for her interview translation for this single (which is coming out soon!).

So here it is, enjoy! o/

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That translation project: Honey♥Come!!


A song translation after a long hiatus! This time, I’ve decided to translate Honey♥Come!! from Ogura Yui, after translating her interview for the same song previously (which you can view here). I thought it might be a good complement to the interview, so I hope my translation allows you to have a deeper understanding of the things she mentions in the interview.

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Ogura Yui 1st Album「Strawberry JAM」interview

ChanYui Strawberry JAM Ogura Yui (henceforth referred to as ChanYui) has gone a fairly long way since her solo debut in 2012, whether as a seiyuu or as a solo artist. She has released four singles up to date, but this time round, she has released a full album, titled “Strawberry JAM”! In this (translated) interview, ChanYui will teach us how she made this “strawberry jam”, as well as her thoughts regarding it. Continue reading

The Wheel of Seiyuu #4: 50 questions for Nanri Yuuka

Nanri Yuuka

Moving on with our translations for the 50-question series of interview, this time the interview to be translated comes from Nanri Yuuka!

She is by no means a new and amateur seiyuu, having made her seiyuu debut in 2001 with Bubbles from the Japanese dub of Powerpuff Girls. Since then, she’s also appeared in anime such as Blood Lad (as Liz T. Blood), Hourou Musuko (as Chiba Saori) and Sakamichi no Apollon (as Mukae Ritsuko).

Perhaps she’s more well-known for her singing roles, as the vocalist for FictionJunction YUUKA. She’s also released singles as a solo artist.

With that, let’s have a look at the interview~

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The Wheel of Seiyuu #2: 50 questions for Murakawa Rie


It’s been a while since the last translation for our 50-question series of interview for female seiyuu, hasn’t it! Previously it was Touyama Nao, this time it’s going to be #2, Murakawa Rie!

She may not have had many main roles thus far, but her vocal range is nothing short of impressive. She’s voiced characters of various personalities ranging from cute, bubbly girls such as Escha Malier from Atelier Escha & Logy, to princess-like girls such as Futaba Aoi from Vividred Operation and Ichijou Hotaru from Non Non Biyori.

She also is nicknamed “Rieshon” (which will be used henceforth to refer to her). It’s a portmanteau of “Rie”, which refers to her name, and “shon”, which refers to passion, reaction and tension (“sion” is pronounced as “shon” in Japanese).

Without further ado, let’s begin on the interview~

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The Wheel of Seiyuu #23: 50 questions for Touyama Nao


Continuing on with our 50-question series of interviews for female seiyuu, this time we have decided to translate #23, Touyama Nao!

You probably would have heard her name here and there, but just a refresher on her roles, her roles so far include Aiba Mui from Mahou Sensou, Atarashi Ako from Saki: Achiga-hen -Episode of Side-A-, Kirisaki Chitoge in Nisekoi, Kujou Karen from Kiniro Mosaic and of course, her first main role, Nakagawa Kanon from The World God Only Knows.

Well then, with that out of the way, let’s begin~

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The Wheel of Seiyuu #22: 50 questions for Taneda Risa

Gotta love that pair of red megane!

Gotta love that pair of red megane!

Recently, there’s been a “Wheel of Seiyuu” series where various seiyuu (voice actors) are interviewed, for a total of 50 questions. It’s been going on for quite some time (there are 22 sets of interviews as of the date of posting), so it’s not something new. Still, I thought it might be interesting to translate these interviews, so I started on this translation project with Sleepy from Nabe!!. It’s going to take quite a while to translate all of them, so we’re going to translate them one by one, in no particular order. It’s going to be a bit messy, but hopefully it’ll get sorted out in due time!

In any case, we’ll start from the latest translation (yes, that’s #22 for you), from Taneda Risa! Just a bit of background for those seeing this name for the first time, she’s a relatively new seiyuu, having got her first main role as Watanabe Saki in Shinsekai Yori just two years ago. Since then, she’s gone on to voice characters such as Komichi Aya from Kiniro Mosaic (AYAYA!!), Kuriyama Mirai from Kyoukai no Kanata  and Himeragi Yukina from Strike The Blood. I personally like her voice and vocal range a lot, so I’m looking forward to seeing her take up more roles from now on.

Now that you know a bit more about Tane-chan, let’s get down to the interview!

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