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Mawaru Penguindrum – First impressions

Survival strategies never looked so good.

This show is…unexpectedly good.

The seiyuu cast seems to be featuring new seiyuus such as Arakawa Miho as Himari. That having said though, there seems to be some familiar seiyuus in the villain lineup. Hocchan and Noto Mamiko, yay!

Just watched this show out of curiosity since people were telling me it was great and I have to admit, it IS pretty great. The story’s kinda interesting too, and the penguins running around were just…

Not something you would see in your average household.

…incredibly cute. D’aww.

Plus the animation’s just awesome. Just love the fluidity of the animation. The colors and the style of presentation kinda reminds me of SHAFT.

Do check it out if you have the time, it’s a pretty good anime! Plus it spans over two-cours, so it would be interesting to see how things pans out…

I need to catch up on Mawaru Penguindrum 02 nao.