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Campione! – 13

It’s the last episode, and you still manage to add one more to your heroine? Goddammit, Godou!

Summary of what happens in this episode: Each of the four girls (Ena, Erica, Lilliana and Mariya) take turns kissing Godou and he uses the knowledge imparted to activate his golden field of swords thingy, where the swords attack Metis four times (one time per kiss). His golden sword must be powered by testosterone, lolol.

Okay, so Metis’ defeated, Athena disappears once again and Godou’s back to a lifestyle where he’s surrounded by four five girls (four mistresses and one angry sister). Tada, we’ve just wrapped up Campione!.

Ending wasn’t particularly impactful, but it’s not as if I’ll rewatch Campione!, so I’ll leave it at that.

In the meantime, I wanna watch OniiAi! ;A;

Campione! – 12

I’ll break that illusion of yours!

Huh, somehow that phrase came into my mind w.

Not really sure what happened in this episode. Godou met Susanoo, Ena let Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi’s soul possess her, Erica got beaten up really badly, Godou awakened some new powers and then…

Began transferring that power to Erica for two minutes. Go figure.

Mmhm, after that Ama no Murakumo appears in the form of a golem, gets beaten up badly by Erica and then…

Gets sucked by Metis. Remember Athena’s mom? Yeah, that’s her.

Wow, she looks exactly like Athena (except more cranky). But hey she’s voiced by Kaori Ishihara~

I…still don’t know who the villain of the final arc really is, to be honest.

Campione! – 11


If I’m not wrong, Haya Susanoo wo no Mikoto is referring to the Shinto god Susanoo, right? So Ena’s grandfather is a Shinto god? .________________.

If so, the Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi that Ena holds is probably the Kusanagi no Tsurugi that Susanoo obtained while slaying the Yamata no Orochi (in fact, “Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi” is the other name for the Kusanagi no Tsurugi).

Okay, wow.

Color me interested, I’m now curious about Ena’s abilities.

Campione! – 10

See? I told you so. Congratulations to the new member of your harem, Godou!


Lillianaaaaaaaaa. ;A;

Gigantic sword meets gigantic arrow.

Putting that aside, it seems that Perseus was originally Mithra, which was supposedly Verethragna’s master. This would explain why Perseus can seal Godou’s Authorities. But really, Perseus was the sun god Mithra? That’s a bit far-fetched…

Mythology sure is complicated.

Campione! – 08

Nice boat dinghy.

Beach episode this time round, in Italy!

Putting that aside, a new god appears in Napoli. Perseus the dragon-slayer. And we get to see Pegasus too!

Athena’s back, Godou’s dragged into a fight with Perseus, and instead of Erica with him this time we have Lilliana. Wheeeeee more KitaEri. :D

Also, apparently Perseus can seal Godou’s Authorities. Uh oh.