Nisemonogatari – 04

*gasp* SHINOBU.

+1 to Koyomi’s harem.

This is not what I expected of Shinobu. ._______.

Oh…wow. Totally didn’t see that coming from Shinobu.

Didn’t see this coming from Tsukihi either. .___________.

Awesome episode as always. The story’s moving on slowly, bit by bit.

What’s interesting this time, is the appearance of Shinobu. And she is quite the talkative vampire, isn’t she? ww

Koyomi will have much more to handle now.

Also, I’m pretty damn glad I didn’t watch this episode in public (at like, school). Would’ve been really dangerous with the bath scene.

I’m sure my classmates would’ve come at me with knives too wwwwww

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