Servant x Service Drama CDs: Part A+B


So recently I’ve got around to translating the Servant x Service drama CDs from the BD as part of a new translation project (which I hope will last this time).

I’ll be translating it in parts, so the first one will comprise of Part A and B (there’re 8 parts in total).

The two parts are pretty short, amounting to about 4 minutes in total.

Part A

Lucy: With this, I’m done.

Lucy: Ah, Chihaya. I’m going to General Affairs for a while.
Chihaya: Please wait, Yamagami. I also have some business there, so I’ll go with you.
Lucy: Will the counter be okay? There’ll be no one there…
Chihaya: There’re not many special customers today so it should be fine to leave it with the others for a while. I’ll be returning soon anyway.
Lucy: Ah, I see.
Chihaya: While we’re at it, let’s search for the section manager as well.”He’s not going to come back if he keeps wandering about somewhere,” was what Ichimiya said as he went out to search.
Lucy: A-Ah… I thought I hadn’t seen Ichimiya for quite some time; so he’s gone to find the section manager.
Chihaya: No, he’s gone to find Hasebe, who’s away and slacking.
Lucy: Ichimiya has it tough, eh?

Lucy: Ah, speaking of which…
Chihaya: What’s the matter?
Lucy: Miyoshi isn’t here either, is she?
Chihaya: Hmm, you’re right. Miyoshi can’t possibly be slacking so, maybe she’s in the washroom?
Lucy: I see. Let’s head to General Affairs, shall we?
Chihaya: Okay.

Part B

Lucy: It might be because of the good weather but, there seems to be many customers today.
Chihaya: Yes, though no one is coming over to our counter.
Lucy: You’re right. Well, somehow there seems to be a lot of young customers today, they could be here for the Family Register and Resident section or the Pension section.
Chihaya: Indeed, a lady not of age— *sees someone dragging something across the floor*

Chihaya+Lucy: A kid…
Chihaya: Could she be lost?
Lucy: Even for a lost child, she seems quite big…
Chihaya: For now, let’s try calling out to her.

Chihaya: Excuse me, that child over there.
Guest A: I’m not a kid! I’m already a lady!
Lucy: I am sorry! Uh, you have quite the baggage there. Shall we help you carry that?
Guest A: Eh?
Chihaya: Please be assured, we are the staff here.
Guest A: Ah! Thank you for your kindness! Uh, I saw a bulletin asking for donations of old books to the library here, so I brought the books. There were supposed to be two other people carrying the books with me but for some reason they couldn’t make it to the meeting point…
Lucy: Is that so? Thank you for your donation! The library here is very small so your donation is very much appreciated.
Guest A: (I’m) Not small!
Lucy: E-Eh?
Guest A: Ah, nothing!
Chihaya: In any case, let’s carry the books.
Guest A: Thank you very much.
Lucy: Ah, there’re picture books and other children books in here!
Guest A: (I’m) Not small!
Lucy: E-Eh?
Guest A: Ah, nothing!
Lucy: Um, the sack looks a bit small, it seems a bit hard to carry…
Guest A: (I’m) Not small!
Lucy: E-E-Eh?!
Guest A: I’m sorry, that just came out instinctively. (>_<)
Lucy: Is that so…
Chihaya: Hmmm, your height is…
Guest A: Not small!
Chihaya: Hokkaido is…
Guest A: Not small!
Chihaya: In addition to that…
Guest A: Not small!
Chihaya: Thank you very much.
Lucy: Chihaya! You can’t play with the objects of your hobbies!
Guest A: (>_<)

As you probably would’ve guessed, Guest A is Poplar from Working!!. Indeed, the drama CDs are kinda like a crossover of Servant x Service and Working!! (since they’re by the same author and all).

Ahahaha, Poplar’s trademark “ちっちゃくないよ!” was really amusing here.

Well, that’s it for now. If there’re any translation errors, please do point them out to me. I’ll be doing the next part in about a few days time (if I’ve time), so do look out for that.

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