Working’!! – 01 PREAIR

AHHHHH, Working!! S2! They’re back! キタ━━━━ヽ(゚∀゚ )ノ━━━━!!!!

Note that this is only a pre-air. In fact, I’m not sure if this is even episode 1, but I’ll name it episode 1 anyway since there’s a lack of alternative names at the moment…

Anyway, first episode of Working!! S2! Totally awesome!

Oh, Popura, you… TOO CUTE. Still sensitive about your height, eh?

W-Wha—- Popura gets too upset by Takanashi Katanashi’s actions wwwwwww.


Also, how could we forget Inami punch? :D

Inami tries to talk to Takanashi about Popura’s height sensitivity. Which doesn’t go too well. www

Ahahaha Kyoko’s troll logic.

Satou does best at consoling Popura and repairing her relationship with Takanashi!

Worked to perfection!

Takanashi and Popura return to find… Kyoko killing a small bug. THE HORROR! (((( ;゚д゚)))アワワワワ

Takanashi comparing Popura to a tiny bug wwwww. That face’s priceless.

Inami tries to lecture Takanashi but ends up getting insulted. Ouch.

Yep, you totally deserved that, Takanashi.

Kyoko calms Takanashi by giving him a cute soft toy. Oh, Takanashi, you…

Yamada breaks a plate, gets found out by Takanashi, and is made to fill up the form for broken objects. She can’t really reach it wwww.

Cue flashback to the reason it’s placed that high.

All Popura’s fault. =w=

Which is a pretty admirable reason, as stated by Takanashi.

Yamada doesn’t quite get the same treatment when she tries to follow in Popura’s footsteps. Big mistake, Yamada.

Satou being mean to Popura again www. Awesomely mean. >D

"Eat yamori to grow taller!"

Souma, don’t go tricking her like that, she might really go eat yamori wwww.

For those who don’t know, yamori means “house lizard” in Japanese. Just checked it on my dictionary.

You’re one to speak, Yamada.

And it’s the end of one day’s of work! Sadly, that means that the episode’s going to end too.

Takanashi still uses that grabber arm. .________.

Inami still despairing at one corner of the restaurant wwwww. What have you done, Takanashi!

Awesome episode. Can’t wait for the real deal to be aired next month. Gosh, I want October to come already. :D


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