Dog Days’ – 13

12 episodes later, Couvre’s still my favorite character in Dog Days’~

So yeah, the rulers give the heroes their farewell ceremony as their time in Flonyard draws to a close.

Well, back in present day Japan…

We get to see Becky with her hair down! :D :D :D

An embarrassed Becky is a cute Becky~

I now support the Shinku/Becky ship! :D

Ha, so at the end of two seasons of Dog Days, this is how it ends, eh? I gotta say, the ending for this season was better than the ending for the first season. One issue I had at the start of this season was that there weren’t any villains to provide a plot direction but this season took a more slice-of-life approach so I don’t suppose a plot was needed.

In any case, I liked this series a lot (gosh, the seiyuu cast’s amazing). It’s not particularly impressive, but it’s not that bad either.

Next up, Fall season animes!

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